Drag Racing Management (2.0)! 

New Brunswick’s Mark Howes, a second generation racer to his rather infamous father and Maritimes racing icon Wendell, is a very good Manager and that includes when he goes drag racing…..

Mark Howes' "Family Car" is probably cooler then your family car....

Mark’s primary concern each season is when running his spectacular SS/AH classed 1968 Hemi Dart.   But that car which is one of the quickest and most expensive Super Stock cars ever to be fielded from Canada, is both very demanding to run and also very high maintenance.

So during the 2011 racing season Mark set himself up with a little “plan B”.  He acquired and built a 1971 Plymouth Duster which he runs in NHRA SS/JA trim.   When racing that car Mark is allowed a lot more latitude at events which is important to him because he is able to then bring his family along – a high personal priority.

Mark with 4-year old son Colton

“I call it my “Family Car” because when I go racing that I can take my wife and kids to the race track,” Mark confirmed.  “Racing the Hemi car requires a lot of work to campaign it properly – and a lot of service even between rounds.  It’s really like a mini-Pro Stocker.  This Duster is much less time demanding – so those events are pretty enjoyable.”

The Duster which is dubbed “Fog City Flyer” is a 340 CID machine which Mark constructed to race primarily within the Atlantic province’s Stock/Super Stock Association.  That circuit, which is very similar to Ontario’s thriving Can-Am Stock/SS series, was created a few years ago and which is organized by racers themselves, has five events on its 2012 calendar all within the Maritimes.

Mark does however also bring the Duster to select NHRA Lucas Oil Division series races and he did run the car for the first time at the NHRA national event level during the Englishtown NJ race in early June. 

“At Englishtown the car went 10.29 secs which is its best so far,” Mark added. “That was a pickup of 2.5 10ths from what it went last year.  We will run a few more races with it this summer.   Our plans are to campaign the SS/AH car at Hemi Shootout events only.  We will be at Indy and also the Dutch Classic with that.” 

Mark's SS/AH Hemi Dart will be limited to Mopar Hemi Shootout events only

Mark manages his racing operation 100% independently.   He is the President of Global Convention Services Ltd., who are well renowned for hosting trade shows and conventions within the Maritime Provinces– including Abbotsford, Charlottetown, Halifax, Moncton and Saint John.

For more info on Global Conventions visit:  www.globalconvention.ca 

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Photos and posting by:  Bruce Biegler