Don’t mind us if we are feeling a bit nostalgic this month — but it was 15 years ago this month that first crept onto the internet!…..

DRC_blackSince that time and for whatever reason it has been our mission to provide the much deserving Canadian drag racing scene with an important portal for exposure to the rest of the Motorsports world.

The journey has been a very fun and a rewarding one.  We (our editorial, photographic and admin staff) all truly enjoy being involved with the people, the technology and the art of the sport.  It’s exactly that which keeps us motivated today.

We are thankful to both our dedicated world wide audience of fans and to our highly valued advertising partners who most importantly understand and share our vision that what we do for Canadian drag racing and the sport as a whole – is important.

We would be remiss if we did not extend special thanks all the racers themselves out there — because it’s exactly you that provides us with the cars, the content and the cause for all of our reporting.

As we get ready to head into an exciting 2015 season — you may have noticed already we are undertaking some design and tech changes to the website – which will be 100% complete — soon.  Our primary objective is to make our website experience a bit more intuitive and easier to naviagate for visitors as well as also being even more mobile device friendly.

And while improvements and enhancements to DragRaceCanada are on-going we thought you might enjoy by comparison a link to the first ever NHRA national event we covered on-line back in 1999 — check it out from the NHRA Winternationals   (LOL — I think we’ve come a long way!)


Posted by:  Bruce Biegler