DRC’s Rammstein Road Trip!

By:    Bruce Biegler 

After a rather wickedly long drag racing season which took us all over Canada, the USA and even Australia – December was pegged as a time for DragRaceCanada to sit back and relax a bit — NOT!

Duck and Cover!

As you have witnessed (more times then you may have wanted…LOL) past examples of DragRaceCanada’s passion and references to the outer edges of extreme rock and roll – we managed to carve out another chapter for that on December 11th.   We made the trek to New York City to take in what we would vehemently argue is the world’s all time best rock band – Rammstein.

Armed with DragRaceCanada’s valued ‘right hand man’ “Diamond Dave” DeAngelis at our side and fueled by just a few Absolute Vodkas, DragRaceCanada witnessed first hand Rammstein’s much anticipated first show on U.S. soil in a decade at fabled Madison Square Gardens.  

Yes — I know I am bias – but with good reason.   Rammstein, who are embraced worldwide but remain somewhat misunderstood by main stream North America, were in New York finishing up their world tour in support of their 2010 release ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” (Love is for everyone).  They put on a jaw-dropping expose of finesse and power – which was of rock concert legendary status. 

Rammstein front man Till Lindemann led his boys through the paces at a simply feverish pace using a combination of songs from the new release as well as favorites from the past.  Each song presentation oozed both sonic and visual polish and professionalism.   Simply put this is rock and roll superiority, unrivaled and at it’s very finest.

Rammstein crazed fans cut loose!

When the show was over – I did sit stunned along with thousands of other cool comrades trying to absorb what we had witnessed.   That buzz too was history making. 

 The event which sold out quickly and which reportedly received some 30,000+ enquiries for tickets – after the sell out — bonded together a North American starved Rammstein fan community.  This one-time only NYC return show exceeded all expectations and I am quite sure that all the positive fan reaction will fuel the fire for a more comprehensive North American tour in the hopefully not to distant future.  

Well it’s back to work now on some off-season Motorsports stories….and yes – if you listen closely that is ‘Waidmanns Heil’ blazing in our office background….LOL!

PS:  Updates on Rammstein news can always be conveniently found using the link within DragRaceCanada’s main page DRC Information Link portal.