Canada’s newest to the scene Pro Mod car melds both creativity and character…..

Fred DeJonge and Wes Goddard are two racer names well known within the Province of Ontario for drag racing that is a bit “outside of the box”!   In 2016 they have joined forces for a venture into Pro Mod class racing with a newly completed and turbocharged 70.5 Camaro.

Wes Goddard & Fred DeJonge

Wes Goddard & Fred DeJonge

Over the past two years they have meticulously taken a G-Force Race Cars bare base chassis into an impressive finished product. They recently made their first ever test runs with the car (at Cayuga Dragway – Victoria Day Weekend).

“It’s actually a long story,” Fred revealed. “We’ve both been interested in turbochargers for a long time and we each had our own race cars. Over the time we’ve known each other we accumulated enough knowledge that we decided to pool our resources and to take the plunge into a Pro Mod car together.”

Canada's newest Pro Mod Camaro recently made it's debut.

Canada’s newest Pro Mod Camaro recently made it’s debut.

Within a race team that is based from Puslinch Ontario, both Fred and Wes both have reputations for being very hands-on and their new machine together reflects exactly that. This Camaro features a lot of home fabrication, originality and ingenuity – including both Fred’s own (FD Power) motor program and Wes’s skilled background in fabrication.

“Our motor program is a new Brad Anderson 521 CID which we assembled and dynoed ourselves,” Fred added. “We’re also going with a Precision Turbo, Rossler automatic transmission and Pro Torque converter in our drive train.  Wes finessed both the chassis and the body. This is a Cynergy Composites body and Wes is responsible for a lot of that – he actually built the “buck” for the original body for Cynergy. There is a lot of Wes’s touches and a lot of home made stuff everywhere on this race car.”


“Overall our car has a bit of a different approach – somewhat unique,” Fred continued. “But that’s actually pretty common within our sport. We drag racers really can’t seem to just leave anything alone – we are always looking to build a better mouse trap. There is a lot of thought in this race car.”

Year one for the FD Power Pro Mod car will be a stay close to home program. The team’s primary focus will be within the season’s 5-event Napa Autopro Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series – which is a circuit that Fred is quick to refer to as “heaven sent” for local races like himself.

“Our team likes to keep things on the lighter side and have fun while doing it,” he emphasized. “We’re going to keep things realistic and learn how to do our best with this race car. Our priority is to participate within the USDRS. I really appreciate how those guys are sticking out their necks to built a program which is 100% user friendly for racers in our area.”


A fan question that is quick to emerge around both Fred and Wes is what is the future for their existing uber cool T/S race cars?  (Specifically the turbocharged Chevy Cobalt (that Fred drove) and the “Hell Billy” Nash campaigned by Wes).

The team has confirmed some plans going forward which will still see both those cars in action at Ontario drag strips. Fred is going to put a milder engine combination into the Cobalt to give development and seat time in that car for his son Luke this summer. Wes Goddard plans to continue to race his unreal turbocharged Nash too – with plans for that car to get an even bigger CID motor program!


Prior to their Pro Mod collaboration - Wes and Fred raced these unique Top Sportsman cars respectively.

Prior to their new Pro Mod collaboration – Wes and Fred raced these unique Top Sportsman cars respectively.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler