Quebec’s Gerard Millette earned the first big win of his career last weekend taking the TS title during the LODRS event held at Indy….


Driving the meticulously prepared S&G Racing ’63 Corvette, the St. Etienne PQ-based racer powered by a very significant field of cars during the Brodix/Steve Schmidt Top Sportsman portion of the NHRA North Central Divisional race held at marquee Lucas Oil Raceway.

After qualifying 25th – Millette won five gruelling rounds of racing in the category – cumulated by a huge final round decision over TS class powerhouse Marco Abruzzi.  In that race Gerard combined a spectacular .0004 RT with a run of 7.039 secs at 199.29 mph to collect his first career NHRA “Wally”.

Gerard races his self assembled Corvette, which is powered by a 780 CID Sunset motor program, with his wife Suzanne.

Post and Photo by:  Bruce Biegler