From Conception to Reality

Todd Lesenko will try to continue a very impressive roll when he takes the Jolly Rogers Funny Car to the starting gate at Pomona California this weekend….

The Alberta-based racer has already raised some eyebrows by going two for two in qualifying attempts during his first ever class appearances recently (at Phoenix and Las Vegas).  That is something that is simply not supposed to happen and usually does not within the brutally tough NHRA Fuel FC category. 

Canada's Todd Lesenko has been very impressive right out of the gate with his new fuel FC effort

“I’m very excited about how far our program has come in such a short period,” said Lesenko. “I’ve had a lot of people tell me (Matt Hagan & Del Worsham) that in this class it usually takes a few races before you actually qualify.  So for us to be two-for-two initially is impressive for sure.  I think it says a lot about the talent of the crew for this car.”

Lesenko, who is evolving his career from within the ranks of Nostalgia Nitro racing, is quick to credit Chuck and Del Worsham for that solid progress to date.

“Chuck and Del have been awesome,” Todd added.  “They ran fuel Funny Cars for some 17 years and they have been phenomenal to go racing with.  They have a lot of experience and that is very evident.”

Wily Chuck Worsham and Todd Lesenko

At the Pomona Finals this weekend – Todd will round out his initial steps into the fuel FC class by participating in the final three events of the 2011 NHRA calendar season.  His current alignment (in addition to the Worshams) also includes car builder Steve Pleuger.  And while that future looks very bright — the exact shape it will take going forward is still to be determined. 

Lesenko does have a brand new car nearing completion which is being constructed by Plueger.  That will also be a Dodge Charger-bodied machine.

“Initially I was going to race the new Plueger car at the end of this season – but unfortunately the timing for that just did not work out,” he explained.  “Things were delayed to a point where we had to go with a Plan B while Steve is finishing that car.  So this is a temporary car and arrangement while we figure out what will happen beginning in 2012.”

Todd also revealed that the ever important sponsorship negotiations are continuing and going well.

“Our sponsors have been along for the ride at our first two events and it will be up to them as to what they would like to see from me next year,” he added.  “We could run either a partial or full season and the financing is obviously a major part of all that.  My target is a full 23-race NHRA Full Throttle season.”

Canadian fans can't help but "be gaga" about the future for the all new Fuel FC being campained by Todd Lesenko

Lesenko is just the latest racing talent to emerge from Alberta – the very province that has delivered such a long list of great Canadian driver talents including (but not limited to)  names like Gordie Bonin, Terry Capp, Gary Beck and Tim Boychuk. 

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(Bruce Biegler Photos)