Hot August Night has Darkside

The somewhat seldom seen but very determined Canadian-based Top Fuel dragster owned by Calgary’s David, Kelly and Nikolas Fedorowich was a welcome addition to last week’s Hot August Night event at Castrol Raceway….


With some support from valued sponsor Calgary Harley-Davidson, the Dark Side Racing Top Fuel operation headed up to Edmonton to participate in the marquee annual event attraction which once again played out to a capacity crowd of 13,000+.

The Dark Side Racing put on a spectacular show for the fans. For those who’ve never experienced night racing, it adds a whole new dimension to the show. The ground shook, the air was engulfed with nitro fumes and angry orange flames snorted from the header pipes reaching up beyond the rear wing of the Dark Side Racing Top Fuel Dragster. The crowd erupted in a wave of applause and cheers! The Dark Side Racing crew was bursting with pride. “We’d like to give a special shout out to Tyler and Timmie Holmgren for their generous support at Castrol Raceway’s Hot August Night,” reported Team Manager Kelly Fedorowich.  “Thank you Tyler and Timmie! We look forward to seeing you at Thunder in the Valley!”

For more information on Darkside Racing visit their team website:  HERE

Photo by:  Don Meleshko