Drag racing’s cult-following format to become more pronounced in Canada……

While some traditionalist drag racing fans may balk at it, there is no denying that the tsunami for “no prep” style drag racing continues its wrath.

The concept, which first surfaced about 2015 or so, from well within the DNA of illegal street racing, now does give both fans and proponents from that scene a somewhat safer and controlled alternative place to participate.

In a nutshell – this is drag racing with much of any traditional rulebook discarded on a racing surface that is largely (by deliberate intent) untouched – aka “no prep”.

While this trend for popularity has been percolating nicely within the USA — in Canada it has been more roque – with only a couple events of record to this point.   But that level is set to change in 2021 – with Paul Norris’s Ontario Street Outlaws group – spearheading a charge.

“We actually experimented with our first “no prep” at Grand Bend Motorplex two years ago,” revealed Norris, the OSO Director. “That took place off the racing surface – on part of their air strip.  Then last year at Toronto Motorsports Park we did try a couple events – within our overall season schedule. For this season that will be expanded there.”

At TMP’s multi-purpose racing facility — no-prep racing does take place on the Cayuga Dragway strip itself.   But this starting line begins just past the finish line (where any traditional prep stops) and continues on to a 1/8th mile sprint from there.   The track’s reputed very long shutdown area as well as lengthy concrete wall retainment are thus advantaged for safety reasons.

“2021 will be the 5th year that the OSO has been around,” Paul continued. “For 2021 our focus for our series on no prep racing is increasing. We’ve seen that no prep has finally got the momentum we wanted — and our series is the first series to bring no prep to a true no prep surface in Ontario.  We (OSO) are holding 8 events at TMP this year starting in May and running till November.  Some of those races will include traditional fast street car class racing — while others will be more late night/no prep only.”

The Ontario Street Outlaws does present a variety of classes for competition.  For traditional drag strip racing that includes its marquee Unlimited (fastest) category, as well as the List class racing, Outlaw Recruit and Bike divisions.  For No Prep — a total of 6 categories can be entered – Big Tire, Small Tire, Modern Muscle, True Street, Motorcycle and Daily Driver.

“We’re very optimistic about what’s to come for 2021,” Paul emphasized.  “For no prep – the vibe at the end of the track at night is incredible — the closest thing you will get to street racing in a safe and controlled environment here in Ontario.  We’re getting word about many racers either building cars or bringing cars out of retirement just for no prep – so it is promising to be a success.”

For fans in Ontario the expansion of racing plans by the OSO does in fact compliment that of the rival Canada Heads Up/Ontario Grudge Wars circuit – as both are adding in more critical mass and opportunity  to the overall thriving fast street car racing phenom.   

“There has been a history of back and forth between myself and Ian Hill (CHU),” Paul added. “In a nutshell Ian’s deal has taken over where the OSCA left off — but with that came lots of inherent constraints to stay class legal.  We have grown into something different now — with a lot less rules.”

For more information on the Ontario Street Outlaws circuit and season schedule – visit their FB official:  HERE

Posted by Bruce Biegler

Photos Courtesy of Alyssa Reddick