When the seasons change in Canada — it is not uncommon at all for Canadians to head for warmer weather — including beautiful Mexico….

But we can also say with absolute confidence that there is one Burlington Ontario-based couple who did that in one of the most unique ways — ever! 

Rick Kopp and his girlfriend Christine Palmer — have for the past couple seasons been enjoying life, gaining fan popularity while traveling with their crowd-pleasing BONE SHAKER Jet-powered truck.

Rick Kopp and Christine Palmer

Up until last November — this “team of two” — had limited all of their appearances within the USA and Canada.   But when opportunity knocked for the team to venture into Mexico — they were up to that challenge.   

Rick raced his machine in front of a capacity crowd at the Autodromo — which is located in Monterrey Mexico.   They made some fire-filled and sonic runs to thrill those in attendance, and with that also gathered in yet another swath of racing fans – this time international.

“We made the trek down to Mexico in November — it was the finale event of the season with BONE SHAKER,” said Christine Palmer.  “Our Jet Truck was front and centre while putting on a one day show with two screaming runs down the track.”

The fan reaction was pretty “Rock Star”.  “That was intense,” said Rick Kopp.  “When Christine was pulling the truck back to the pit area we had to stop and I couldn’t get out because of the number of fans surrounding.  We just love the patrons of Autodromo Monterrey and they just loved BONE SHAKER.”

The Mexican crowd received a very rare motorsports treat indeed.  Rick’s truck features a J79 General Electric engine — like one used in military aircraft — the F-104 Starfighter — and that creates about 18,000 horsepower.

The trip itself did for obvious reasons have some additional required logistical aspects.  Not only was the drive from/to Ontario a very long distance — they did have to deal with the total uniqueness of two Canadians crossing the USA/MEX border — towing a Jet-powered truck — handling all the potential unknowns of doing that. 

Autodromo Monterrey Mexico

“Crossing that border had a process to be sure,” Rick added.  “There were a lot of regulations involved that had to be worked out in advance of leaving and then closely followed.  We spent some months deciding to go to Mexico.  But in the end took the attitude – nothing ventured nothing gained.  Now with it  over we are so happy we did — we made some great new friendships and we have memories to last a lifetime.”

As far as doing it again — Autodromo Monterrey has already issued an invitation for BONE SHAKER to come back in 2020.

“We have a couple dates already in the works and we are stoked and look forward to going back,” Rick winked.

You can like to a YouTube video of the Mexico appearance : HERE 

For more information on BONE SHAKER Jet Truck Racing  – check out their official:  HERE

Posted by Bruce Biegler

Photos Courtesy of Bone Shaker Jet Truck Racing