Kardiac Kids Go International 

Eastern Canada’s Kardiac Kids TAFC team has added an international dimension to its long time drag racing reputation….

The team which is spearheaded by Canadian category “Ironman” Larry Dobbs and his son Kevin (Welland,ON), has plugged in up-and-coming American talent Mark Rogers as driver for he Napier Sportz-sponsored alcohol burner.   That move has paid off some early 2012 season dividends already. 

Kevin Dobbs & Mark Rogers

“Last year I was helping out Bill Naves and I met Larry Dobbs and his crew then,” said Rogers, who is from (Highlands)North Carolina.  “We talked a bit about me driving but didn’t get back in touch until just before the first race of the season at Gainesville.  We then put together a deal and I began driving at the Gatornationals event.  So far we have qualified at both races attended (including Charlotte) and run some good numbers.”

For Rogers who does have his own Alcohol Funny Car the new alliance does offer up some opportunity on a couple of fronts. 

“With the price of racing right now and all the new NHRA rules in the class it’s hard to make this go as an independent,” he admitted.  “So going racing with Larry just made a lot of sense – it helps him and it helps me.  Larry’s car is a very good one and it makes a lot power.  It’s also my first opportunity to race at a higher level in the class which is something I’ve been seeking.” 

The duo is now forming plans to continue on together for the balance of 2012 racing — and — why not?   During their 2nd race together at NHRA Concord two weeks ago, they raised a lot of eyebrows when they slew the biggest class dragon out there. Rogers beat non other then many time NHRA World Champion Frank Manzo to the finish line stripe in a rather monstrous round one upset. 

The "Kardiac Kids Kar" earned a major upset win over Frank Manzo during NHRA's recent 4-Wide Nationals in North Carolina

And it is moments like that which help to keep the gleam in the eye for Larry Dobbs who has been a TAFC class participant for over 30 years now.  Dobbs appears resigned now to the fact that he will no longer be the team driver and instead is focused on tuning and developing his race car going forward. 

“As you get older you need to re-evaluate things,” Dobbs stated. “I’ve spent a big part of my life doing this and it’s somewhere between passion and addiction.  But now I admit there is a certain attraction for me to tune and then watch one of these cars from the outside.”

Canadian TAFC class legend Larry Dobbs

With that, for Canadian drag racing fans, there is thus an assurance that Dobbs will continue his revered impact within Canada’s drag racing scene. 

For more information on the Kardiac Kids race team visit:  www.KardiacKids.ca

For more information on very cool products from Napier Sportz visit:  www.sportzbynapier.com

Posting and photos by:  Bruce Biegler