MadMaxx Cuda well Worth the Wait! 

One of the most impressive new car debuts in all of Canada this season came during Edmonton’s recent Mopar Rocky Mountain Nitro Jam courtesy of local racers Gary Racich & Brian Krishka…

For the Edmonton-based racing duo, who has been racing partners for 14-years, that 2012 event ended a 3-year quest when they unveiled a truly spectacular 1970 Barracuda. 

That car was very impressive right out of the box and despite being run very conservative initially, sounded very strong and did put up some solid numbers.

Gary Racich & Brian Krishka

“This event marks the end of a three year journey for us – we made our first full pulls down the track this weekend,” confirmed driver Gary Racich.  “The first full pass in the car took a load off everybody involved.  It feels really good to finally get to this point.”

Gary and Brian first got their vision a few years ago while talking with North Carolina Pro Mod driver Chip King during one of the IHRA’s national events at Edmonton.   They admit that “the Chipper” influenced their direction and soon after they ordered a chassis and car from Jeffers Race Cars in St. Louis.

After taking deliver, the team worked away on their project as time and finances would allow – all which all led up to their debut in early July.

The team acquired a 647 CID engine fromMichigan’s Keith Jackson.  That motor is a Hemi engine block outfitted with Predator cylinder heads.  The team has two stages of nitrous oxide available to them however the plans are to tread carefully with that for at least the time being. 

 “We are going to use only one shot of nitrous for now,”Gary continued.  “We are going to ease ourselves into that because we have never used NO2 before.  The rest of this season will be spent tinkering with it.  Our first goal is to get the car into the sixes and then see where that takes us in 2013.”

The first "full pull" produced a run in the 7.5 secs zone at over 180 mph!

While the car is built to be 100% Pro Mod legal – the likelihood is that Gary and Brian will stick with local Top Sportsman competition with the Barracuda for now.  

Unfortunately the Western Canadian Pro Mod scene is presently in a bit of state of disorganization (Come on down PMRA! – Ed).  But Gary hopes to eventually be able to run within that type of series once some clarity returns for that racing front.

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Posting and Photos by:  Bruce Biegler