Northern Date for OSCA

The OSCA ventured it’s furtherest north ever recently when they invaded “King of the North” Dragway at Bonfield, Ontario for it’s 2nd to last race of the 2014 season….

Many of the OSCA’s faithful loaded up and left early in order to take in some of the beautiful scenery the true north has to offer. This was the first time the OSCA had made an appearance at the track so racers finally got a chance try out this unique 1/8th mile venue.

Set back in amongst the tree’s, the track is a picturesque setting for photographers and fans alike for capturing breathtaking images. The track is still in its early development but the crew has done a great job in making the best of what they have. The pits are gravel at the moment which would bring rocks onto the track you would think but blankets in the staging lanes help remove dust and debris that may collect on the tires while making their way to the starting line. A great idea that other tracks could definately benefit from. There’s even a mat beside the track so you can wipe your feet and not track dirt onto the racing surface. The track has stayed open and will move forward with the help of volunteers like Bill Dineen who is best known for his “Back in Black” 33 Ford Coupe that’s been a part of the fast door slammer scene in local drag racing for many years. Who better to over look the track operations then someone a custom to going fast them self.

Overall impressions from OSCA racers and staff was very positive. Lets hope the 2015 season see’s the return of the OSCA back to King of the North Dragway.

Be sure to check out their website at and plan a weekend north to take in the sights and some exciting drag racing action.

Ernie Zambri continues his winning ways in EZ Street

Ernie Zambri continues his winning ways in EZ Street

Here are the OSCA class winners from the Weekend:


9.90 W- Sue Cooper
10.90 W- Mike Thompson
11.90 W- Bob Turner
12.90 W-Kelly Cooper
P/C W-Dave Cooper
O/C W-Dan Marvin
B/S Comp W- Pete Stewart


EZ Street W-Ernie Zambri
Street Eliminator W-Tony Nicoletti
KOTS W- Joe Carlos
8.90 W- Bill Suitor
9.90 W-Kirby James
10.90 W-Al Hodgson
11.90 W- Marc Brosseau
12.90 W- Kelly Cooper
P/C W-Johnny O
O/C W- Dan Marvin
B/S Comp W- Pete Stewart

Kirby James puts some heat in the tires and takes Sundays 9.90 victory

Kirby James puts some heat in the tires and takes Sundays 9.90 victory

Congrats to all the winners. Also congratulations to Justin Prevost who competes in King of the North’s point series. Justin ran his first 5 second pass aboard his Pro Stock style sled powered by an 800 triple built and tuned by himself. Another note, EZ Street racer Suzy Stevens was ok after a scarey incident with her beautiful nitrous powered Firebird. After getting the 4 second pass the team had been working towards the car spun and rolled several times in the shut down area. The Maximum Performance crew has already pulled the car apart so you can be assured it will come back better and faster then ever in the near future.

Posted by:  Marc Ackert

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