Northern Force to Start Season

The Northern Force Racing team will kick off its 2013 campaign this coming Sunday, at the DSE Sportsman Series Weekend, when they take to the drag strip at Toronto Motorsports Park….

Flying the Project Track Champion Access Motorsports banner again this year, driver Jory Elliott and the rest of the team, including Hall of Fame inductee, Team Owner and Crew Chief Bob Elliott, will be doing their best both on and off the track to continue creating awareness for those with disabilities and illnesses, who are a big part of the motorsports community.


“What we were able to do last season with a couple of wins and the travelling that we did throughout eastern North America was just awesome for helping us to spread the message that Project Track Champion founder Denny Snider has created,” stated Jory Elliott. “I’m not sure we can top last year’s performances but we sure as heck are gonna try! We don’t come to the race track with any other expectation than to take home the trophy at the end of the day.”
The Northern Force team will be competing this weekend with the regional CAN-AM Stock/Super Stock Series, which features a formidable lineup of past and present world record holders and national event champions, making it a great test for the team’s first outing in this new season. “The guys and girls that make up this series are some of the best in the world in class racing and they have the resumes to prove it,” mentioned Elliott. “When you win one of these deals you know you’ve had to be on top of your game all day long.”
The action gets underway on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM with two qualifying sessions, followed by the first round of eliminations at 1:00 PM.
For fans that aren’t able to make it to the track, you can follow along with driver Jory Elliott on his Twitter account, @JoryElliott, as he shares updates throughout the course of the event.
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Photo Credit: Braden McKinnon
About Project Track Champion Access Motorsports
Project Track Champion is the first vehicle that allows those will disabilities and illnesses the opportunity to experience the excitement of racing firsthand. The fully accessible race car allows the rider, and support workers, to strap into the passenger seat area of the vehicle where they can feel what it’s like to hit the banked turns of an oval track, or watch the tree come down and feel the acceleration as the car leaves the starting line at a dragstrip. In the spring of 2012 Project Track Champion founder Denny Snider founded Project Track Champion Access Motorsports in order to help raise awareness throughout the motorsports community for those with disabilities and illnesses. The Northern Force Racing team was chosen as ambassadors for the project within the drag racing community.
Posted by: Jory Elliott