Canada’s OSCA and Outlaw 10.5 circuits ended their seasons on a high recently at Toronto Motorsports Park’s Cayuga Dragway….

With cool air and a sticky track – the season finale event allowed for some of the fastest passes of the season.

In a valiant comeback that’s hard to believe — just a few short weeks ago the Stevens family was loading up both their Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am and their 1967 EZ Street Camaro after separate serious incidents during a truly hard luck weekend during the Canadian Street Car Nationals event.

But following that and many long hours of hard work to have the cars ready to compete again – the team of Wade and Suzy (from Queensville ON) were rewarded as both cars would find their way to the Winners circle on Sunday.

Wade Stevens would set the standard running 4.08 at an incredible 203mph in the 1/8 to take top spot in qualifying in Outlaw 10.5.  Jerry Mitrovic, who was hot off a win at the Shakedown would find himself lining up against Stevens in the finals. Both drivers had been laying down impressive numbers all weekend long and cutting great lights as well. Mitrovic unfortunately got a little anxious and went -.020 red to Stevens’ .008. The pair still put on an incredible show for the large crowd with one of the most exciting races of the weekend as Team 68 ran a quicker 4.15 at 185mph to a 4.16 from Stevens again at 203mph for the Maximum Performance Trans Am.

Wade Stevens had his Maximum Performance Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am flying hitting over 200 mph to the 1/8th mile.

Wade Stevens had his Maximum Performance Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am flying hitting over 200 mph to the 1/8th mile.

After the cheques were handed out Jerry handed his winnings to Mike Ski who heads up the OSCA. The money was to go to Mike’s son Matthew who is 9 years old and has been through more in the last couple years then anyone should have to go through in a lifetime. This courageous young man has stayed positive and has the support of the drag racing community behind him during his battle with cancer that he will no doubt overcome.

EZ street would be a tough win with racers running some of the fastest times of the season during qualifying. Mauro Briccardi took the #1 spot running a stout 7.35 at 193mph. Susie Stevens qualified #3 with her 67 Camaro and would take out Joe Tavares in the first round then would face Mark Azevedo in his nitrous powered 68 Chevelle in round 2. Both racers cut .023 lights and crossed the line with Stevens slightly ahead running 7.61 at 182mph to Azevedo’s 7.64 at 170.

Johnn Carinci had his  beautiful new Outlaw 10.5 Corvette at the season finale event

Johnn Carinci had his beautiful new Outlaw 10.5 Corvette at the season finale event

Adrian Niedra would win his second round match up against Nino Meglio but he’d hurt the engine putting an end to his day. Niedra would have had the bye into the finals where his opponent would have been Stevens after she defeated Adam Bastarache in the semi’s running 7.62 182mph to his 7.69 at 185. With Niedra out Susie Stevens would take the easy victory on a single in the finals putting her Maximum Performance Camaro into the winners circle for the first time.

KOTS bikes would see a drop in #’s at the last race then after a horrific crash where Joe Carlos flipped his bike over backwards and Chris Fenech had his engine let go, going into eliminations there would be only 3 left standing.

The so called underdog going into the season, Shawn Godderris with Mark Stein piloting his nitrous powered Suzuki Hayabusa would still be in after qualifying #1 with an impressive 8.19 at 178mph. Stein would first take on Petro Nikoloulias also on a nitrous Hayabusa. Petro would put together his best pass of the weekend running 8.27 at 175 mph but Stein would take the win with an 8.16 at 180mph.

Mark Stein qualified #1 and took home the KOTS victory

Mark Stein qualified #1 and took home the KOTS victory

This would set up a final against KOTS newcomer Brant Rossi on the former turbo Hayabusa of Richard Peppler. Stein had a slightly better reaction time and said he could hear the turbo right behind him but he was able to stay out in front taking the win with an 8.172 to an 8.174 for Rossi.

Pro 24 had a strange ending as Jeff Misra went red with his 98 Integra but then his opponent JF Kelly crossed the center line in his Honda and was disqualified so the victory was awarded to Misra.

Sunday Index Winners

• 8.90 Brad Dean
• 9.90 Tim Kennelly
• 10.90 Lance Bisson
• 11.90 Randy Nunn
• 12.90 Brandon Silva
• Pro Comp Scott Drummond
• Open Comp Jarrod Kolne
• Bike/Sled Curtis Beck

2015 OSCA Champions

• EZ Street -Adrian Niedra
• KOTS -Chris Fenech
• Pro 24 -Paul Bhawan
• Street Eliminator -Zack Cudizio
• 8.90 -Brad Dean
• 9.90 -Tim Kennelly
• 10.90 -Lance Bisson
• 11.90 -Randy Nunn
• 12.90 -Terrell Tang
• Pro Comp -Dan Morrison
• Open Comp -Jarred Kolne
• B/S Comp -Dan Earl

Posted by Mark Ackert