OSCA Tour Update

By:  Mark Ackert

Once again an OSCA weekend has come and gone without the effects or delays of Mother Nature.  Event #4, billed as the “Hot Summer Brawl” was recently held at famed Cayuga Dragway at Toronto Motorsports Park…. 

Racers and fans were treated to some of the best racing action of the season as the points chases tighten up leading into the Championship Finals Sept 18-19, also held at Cayuga Dragway.

Hot off a win at the Canadian Street Car Nationals which netted him 10 G’s, Rob Galli was looking to continue his winning ways with his 2002 Super Street Camaro.  Strong qualifying passes looked promising but unfortunately for Galli, he would fall victim to the twin turbo Corvette of Eddie Timal in round #1.  The final of Super Street would see Timal’s Corvette taking on the current points leader Tony Presto and his beautiful Blown 67 Chevy II.  Timal and his crew showed true sportsman ship as they patiently waited, allowing Team Presto the time they needed to get their machine fired but unfortunately after several attempts the Chevy II would not come to life.  Timal was signaled to take the line and made a single pass of 4.60 in the 1/8th at 170mph to take the victory. 

Ralph Melino launchs hard in his beautiful Pro Stock Mustang.

OSCA EZ Street had a great showing of cars as 14 competitors would battle during qualifying.  Darcy Cummins who had not been able to make it out to an OSCA race prior to this weekend had his nitrous powered Camaro on hand for this event but would break on a test hit in the morning, keeping him from the chance to qualify.  Noel Borg had issues with his 1970 Camaro during qualifying and would find himself at the bottom of the ladder having to take on #1 qualifier Sergio Longo come Sunday eliminations.  After an all night thrash on the car which included repairing the head, the car was ready for competition Sunday because of the help of so many of his fellow racers, better known as his OSCA family.  Borg showed his perseverance as he would defeat Longo in round #1 then would work his way through the rounds into the finals were he would take on the 1988 Mustang of Larry Mann.  Mann has been running some stout numbers as of late but his 7.99 at 167 mph wouldn’t be enough to take out Borg as he piloted his ProCharged Camaro to the win running 7.92 at 179mph. 
Pro Stock has been dominated by the 93 Mustang of Butch Kemp in 2010 but if he were removed from the equation, the top spot would be a fight to the end as competitors behind him are beginning to find their groove and make some leaps forward.  Ralph Melino and Mike Dimech showed in round #1 that they haven’t given up hope as both would run in the 40’s with Melino taking the hoeshot win running 8.48 to Dimech’s slightly quicker 8.44.  Matt Glassford is another competitor holding his own as he would find himself with another opportunity to take out Kemp in a final after defeating Melino in the semi’s.  The power of Kemp’s small block Chevy powered Mustang however has been unstoppable and his 8.33 at 162 mph would hold up for the win as Glassford’s impressive 8.48 at 161mph would not be enough. 

Mike Kolne holds up OSCA burnout king - Craig Aitken

With the OSCA Championship Finals scheduled for Sept 18-19 at Cayuga Dragway, you can bet the action will be wild filled with smokey burnouts, guardrail to guardrail bumper draggin action.  Plan to attend this race if you have never experienced the excitement of an Ontario Street Car Association event.  Racers definitely save the best for last!
I’d like to send out a special thanks to Heather Ireland, Nate Cooper, and Patty Tourloukis for capturing my first 9 second passes on my 04 Suzuki Hayabusa.  Got it down to a 9.83 at 142mph while doing some T&T. 
Thanks for being a part of it. 
Index class results:
8.90 W- Rich Mason
9.90 W- Steve Schrans
10.90 W- Chris VanBaalen
11.90 W- Matt Stoangi
12.90 W- Brandon Silva
Pro Comp W- Scott Drummond  
Open Comp W- Randy Mounce
(Photos by:  Mark Ackert & Heather Ireland)
Additional photos can be viewed at:   www.dragNden.com

Mark Ackert launches on his first 9-secs run