PBSS Arctic Cat Ready to Pounce! 

Sled racer Bill Anderson brings wealth of experience to Pro Bike & Sled Series…….
Bill Anderson has raced in all snowmobile competition venues, and said he is looking forward to the upcoming season of the new Pro Bike & Sled Series, www.PBSS.ca, presented by Wiseco Performance Products for drag racing.
“I’ve competed in ice and grass and asphalt drag racing for many years,” he said. “I started on the grass and ice, then moved over to oval track racing, and was quite successful at it.”
Anderson said he then got back into drag racing a sled, but raced on the asphalt when it was just coming into popularity.
“I did some asphalt sled racing about 10 years ago, and got out of it for a while, but everything all fell together with this new series and I’m looking forward to it.”
Running in the PBSS Pro Sled division, Anderson will be aboard a Billy Howard-prepared 2009 Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo, powered by a two-cylinder, 1056-cc turbocharged four-stroke engine. The chassis is an Arctic Cat Twin Spar unit, and the transmission is an Arctic Cat CVT (constant velocity transmission). 
Anderson will be riding the Team Fun Racing entry, and Frank Brugger will act as crew chief. Others on the team include Harold Chesney and Craig Millar. He noted the group has been together for 25 years as a team, and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
The former oval track sled racer, with a great deal of racing experience throughout North America, is predicting he will be posting times in eight-second range at speeds over 140 mph this season.
He also said the fans are going to enjoy watching the PBSS, which gets underway May 20-22 at the Cayuga Dragway of Toronto Motorsports Park for the Victoria Day Weekend Challenge.
“We’re going to see some good racing,” he said. “We need the noise and the speed for the fans, and we’re going to provide it.”
For more information contact Bruce F. Mehlenbacher at Bruce@PBSS.ca
About the Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS):
The Pro Bike & Sled Series, www.PBSS.ca, organized early in 2011, was established as an alternative for motorcycle and snowmobile teams to compete on a regular basis in an organized and professional environment.
This season, the Pro Bike & Sled Series will compete at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario and the Grand Bend Motorplex in Grand Bend, Ontario.
The Series is comprised of a Quick 16 qualified field of the eight quickest Motorcycles and the eight quickest snowmobiles, and presents the best in ET-style, dial-in drag racing, competing on a Sportsman ladder. After eliminations in both divisions, the final Motorcycle entry and the final Snowmobile entry pair off to determine the event Champion. 
Competitors in this exciting Series adhere to the technical and safety rules as outlined by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). The maximum dial-in will be 9.50-seconds for the quarter-mile and competitors will race in the eight-second range at speeds of 150 mph and above.  
The Series provides $1000 to win for each event and $2500 for the annual Championship Point Award Series Champion, payouts very popular with competitors and will provide large fields of race vehicles. 
The Pro Bike & Sled Series is committed in providing a professional atmosphere for its teams. It also provides solid media and logistic support, ensuring itself as one of the most popular drag race series running these types of race vehicles.
The Pro Bike & Sled Series presented by Wiseco Performance Products competes in conjunction with the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA), www.PMRA.ca, and the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, www.Quick32.ca, in six weekend-long events throughout the 2011 racing season, offering race fans a solid, well-rounded performance of drag racing action.
Posted by: Tim Miller