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CYNERGY COMPOSITES INC. First established in 1999, Cynergy Composites has fast become one of the most dynamic new companies for specialized light weight drag racing components.

Cynergy Composites primary focus is on drag racing and they have developed an impressive line of carbon fiber and composite products, all of which are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment completely in house. The company now offers some of the lightest weight and most structurally sound parts on the performance market, including wheel tubs, wing assemblies and carbon fiber panels.

Cynergy Composites supplies parts to many of the leading chassis manufactures including Jerry Haas, Jerry Bickel, Tim McAmis, G-Force Race Cars, Tommy Mauney and Skinny Kid Race Cars. They also manufacture parts for Super Stock racing, supplying components to builders like MPR Race Cars, Phil Mandella Race Cars and Ray Barton.

During 2003, Cynergy Composites, in alliance with Australia’s Murray Anderson purchased the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute the latest generation ’67 Camaro body style. That 7/8th scale replica has already had a major impact in both Professional and Sportsman racing ranks.

All Cynergy Composite products are well known for their high levels of precision and ease of installation.

Cynergy Composites is an official supplier to the IHRA for “fire retardant” carbon fiber wheel tubs and interior panels.

The company has five employees and operates from a modern 4000 square foot facility located in Southwest Ontario. Cynergy Composites is in the process of establishing a Michigan-based warehouse to better support its American customers. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 08:30 – 17:00.

LOCATION: Strathroy ON. N7G 3H5
ADDRESS : 24621 Melbourne Road
TELEPHONE : 519-245-0016
FAX: 519-245-2336
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