PMRA Opener will include Slick New Canadian Camaro

Ontario’s Jay Santos’  slick Pro Modified features MSR-inspired power, Cynergy Composites shell and a G-Force Chassis…….
Jacinto (Jay) Dos Santos will be making his Pro Modified Racing Association debut next weekend, and although he has raced for many years, he realizes he has a lot to learn with his new Pro Modified 69’ Camaro.
“I’m just learning the car, and getting comfortable,” he said. “This is a huge learning curve for me. I’m going to take my time until I feel comfortable in this race car.”
The Santos Motorsports 1969 Chevy Camaro will sport a lightweight body from Cynergy Composites, the first shell of its type to weigh less than 50 pounds from the Cynergy 69’ molds.
Underneath the ultra light body is a MSR Performance (Mike Stawicki)-built 521-cubic inch Brad Anderson engine. A PSI Superchargers C-Rotor Screw-type supercharger sits atop the engine and a Lenco Drive torque converter transmission is attached to the powerplant. The fuel system is from Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services, and the engine and drive train will sit in a G-Force Race Cars built chassis from Jim Salemi.
Dos Santos said the fastest he has travelled down the quarter mile has been in the mid nine-second range, and the new car will be much quicker, with times ultimately in the five-second zone.
“I’ve raced for a while, but nothing of this caliber,” he noted. “I’ve worked for a long time to be able to afford a dream like this. I feel I’ve surrounded myself with some very professional people in this new venture. I’m in good hands…..hands that are going to teach myself and my crew the proper way to perform, both on and off track. I have trouble sleeping the night before we go to the track, I’m pumped!” 
G-Force’s Jim Salemi will Crew Chief and tune the car at the PMRA races. Other team members include crew chief Lazaro Teixeira, team manger Irene Wu, John Ulinskas, Jamie Botelho, Mike Klepczynsk, and Ross Stirton.
Sponsorship for the car comes from Brampton Pallet Inc., J&M Recycling Inc. and S&W Auto Inc.
Dos Santos mentioned he plans on running the entire 2011 PMRA season, which begins May 20-22 with the Victoria Day Weekend Challenge at the Cayuga Dragway of Toronto Motorsports Park. He also has plans to run some ADRL events as well.
He said he has been in the new car a couple of times getting the feel of it and learning how to handle a Pro Modified, which is a new experience for him.
“I’ve got lots of learning to do,” he said. “This is a serious piece of equipment.”
Posted by: Tim Miller
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