Pontieri Sidelined Following Vicious Crash

 By:  Bruce Biegler

Tony Pontieri, one of Canada’s most talented and experienced drag racers will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2010 season following a vicious crash during last weekend’s NHRA Summit Racing Nationals in Ohio….

 The driver of the Toronto-area Quality Plus Compressors Chevy Camaro Pro Mod, which is owned by Rob Sporring,  suffered a high speed incident during the 2nd round of qualifying for the event’s Get Screened America Pro Mod Series feature on Friday night. 

Tony Pontieri

After recording some terrific short times the car inexplicably made a sharp hard right at the finish line which sent Pontieri on a very wild ride that ultimately destroyed his popular race car.   Pontieri did suffer a neck injury (cracked bone).


 “I will need to wear a neck brace for about 6-8 weeks,” Tony confirmed.  “I do want to thank the NHRA rescue crew who did a fine job.  They were literally on top of me before the car got stopped.”

 “I remember when the car laid over on its side at over 200 mph that I knew this was going to hurt,” he added.  “We don’t know what caused it.  The car was on a great run and it happened in just an instant.  That’s the scary part — because there was never any indication of trouble.   I’m very concerned that my incident and the one that Roger (Burgess) had just a little while later were so similar.  We won’t know more until we get the car disassembled back at the shop.”

 Pontieri did confirm that the car was totaled and that his team is finished for the balance of the 2010 season.   Tony is going to take some time to reflect on things – but did not rule out a comeback for 2011.

 (Bruce Biegler Photo)