There is now no argument — Canadian Shawn Cowie has stretched out both his margin and reputation as Canada’s all-time most successful drag racer….

In a span of just over 10 years or so — Langley BC based Cowie Racing has racked up the most wins by a Canadian racing team ever – within NHRA’s vast drag racing history annals.

During this just past 2020 season — driver Shawn Cowie recorded a milestone 20th career NHRA national event score – making him by far the most winning Canadian racer ever to participate within NHRA.  With further evidence being that Shawn’s team now has 30 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series divisional/regional event wins as well as four  championships to its credit — with most of that success coming within the span of the last decade.

While finishing 2nd in final NHRA Lucas Oil World Championship points in 2020 – Shawn Cowie further cemented his reputation as Canada’s premier threat in NHRA drag racing.

But as fate would have it within the very finicky world of drag racing— the biggest prize available for the Cowie Racing Mundies Towing-sponsored team – once again remained illusive in 2020.   The super talented and seasoned group which has finished high in final Lucas Oil World Championship points (top 10) every year like clockwork — just missed their primary season target  – NHRA’s coveted Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Top Alcohol Dragster title — once again.  In fact 2020 marked the fourth consecutive season that Shawn has placed #2 in final championship points.  This season he missed the world title by a heart-wrenching and minuscule 2 points deficient – 539 to 537 – to repeating NHRA World Champion Megan Meyer.

“Our sport can definitely be humbling for sure,” Shawn confided.  “I look at it (finishing second nationally) for that many years in a row as a great accomplishment in my career — but obviously, we would love to win a world championship.  But the fact we have come so close so often keeps us all motived and we will keep plugging away.  It’s part of our passion for the sport and we love what we do.”

2020 was an interesting and unique season for the team – obviously due to the world wide pandamic.  Somewhat unexpectedly — the BC-based team was still able to meander and fit their team into the USA to go racing despite the logistical challenges of the USA/Canada border restriction.  That was a result of both determination and negotiation. 

“Initially we were denied entry twice because all of our racing stuff was personal,” Shawn explained.  “So we redid the proper paperwork to make everything part of our business and we were then able to cross using a customs broker.  We entered in July and the rig didn’t come back until November.  I was gone from August to the time the rig came home due to our quarantine rules but my crew was able to fly back and forth as they are American. A big shoutout to everyone that offered up their homes and properties so I had a place to stay while I was away.  My Canadian crew was not able to join this year and some races we had a “skeleton crew” to make it all happen which was a bit of a challenge.  Definitely it was a memorable year — with some highs and lows — but also it had lots of fun with great company.”

“In retrospect I think what really stands out was being able to race in the first place — that was our top team accomplishment in itself,” Shawn added. “Our wins in Pomona, Acton, and Houston were great and every race we went to had the best of the best (in competition) so we really had to earn each and every  round.”

Shawn Cowie and his Mundie’s Towing team celebrate their milestone 20th NHRA national event win – at Houston in October.

“Like I said, I love this sport — I’m not in it for the fame.  I have never been a big PR or interview guy. I’m in it because I love the driving, the wrenching, and the sportsmanship but I will say, winning never gets old.  We have been blessed by great sponsors, crew, and crew chiefs along the way that have helped me get to the level I am today.  I am very grateful for the fact I have been able to work with some amazing people over the years.  We have a team that wants to be the best we can be and we try and work really hard to achieve that. Let’s hope we can keep that going!”

The science behind Cowie Racing’s winning team formula includes Top Alcohol racing guru – Norm Grimes.

At season’s end – despite the residue sting of finishing just shy of the NHRA’s Lucas Oil World Championship title once again — Shawn is keeping everything in proper perspective.

“For now, I am enjoying my time at home with my wife and kids, especially because of being away for so long the last few months,” he confided.  “But we will regroup at the shop in the offseason — and look at tech and science to make the car even better.  We are interviewing for some new team members (a truck driver and crewman) and looking for new sponsorship opportunities to come aboard as well.   I know that come January I will be itching to get back behind the wheel for sure.  Our intentions are to give it our all again and see what 2021 brings.”

Posted by Bruce Biegler

Photos by Bruce Biegler – Marc Gewertz – Luke Nieuwhof & Courtesy of Auto Imagery