PTRA Round #3 from St. Thomas

Looking like the days of old, St.Thomas Raceway Park was jam packed this past Sunday as the Pro Tree Racing Association held its third event of the season….

ONDR also took part in the racing festivities as well the Neon Nationals so a wide variety of race cars were on the grounds to suit everyones taste.
An added bonus to the PTRA line up was the record setting EZ Street Mustang of Steve Falle. Falle who ran 7.60’s in street trim in 2012 is looking to better that in 2013 and took to the lanes with Paul Silva of PSP and his crew to make some test hits. The team had a hard time getting the turbocharged Mustangs impressive power to the ground but should get things sorted out in no time at all. Open Comp and Pro Comp competitors took to the lanes under ideal weather conditions and took advantage of the sticky track to lay down some fast times. Based on reaction time, Sue Cooper would find herself qualified in the #1 spot of Pro Comp. With Husband Kelly Cooper at the mic announcing the event Sue would give him something to talk about as she went rounds and found herself in the finals taking on the high flying 73 Vega of Doug Hoffman. Hoffman who is having a stellar season so far continued his winning ways chopping down the tree getting the holeshot and taking the stripe first running 6.57 on his 6.49 dial. Unfortunately Cooper’s reaction time did her in as she ran right on her dial of 6.38. A racer showing his competitors he means business in 2013 is Jim Dunton of London, ON. Dunton may be new to Pro Tree racing but he is proving he has what it takes to go rounds. And go rounds on Sunday he did as he took to the line against Rob Vandermeer and his wheelstanding Buick Regal in the final round of Open Comp. Being to his 3rd final in as many races, Dunton was finally able to seal the deal in his 62 Chevy II taking out Vandermeer to post his first PTRA Open Comp victory.
1PTRAJune09 153
Competitors of the PTRA are quickly realizing this racing series is like no other. Its the only series where it pays to be the loser. Ray Griffin, driving his brother Jeffs gorgeous 67 Chevy II may not have made it to the money rounds but his name was drawn as the winner of the losers in Pro Comp. Griffin received a $75 gift certificate from Performance Unlimited in London. Raymond Brenneman also got a taste of what losing is like in the PTRA as his name was drawn for the winner of the losers in Open Comp and he received a free Dyno Session at Misener Motorsports in Brantford. Brenneman also won another prize being the first racer to red light in competition which screwed his chances of winning so he was awarded a nice set of screwdrivers for his misfortune, donated by Griffin Autotek. A second prize was given away for the first competitor to break out in competition rounds and that prize of a new set of wrenches also donated by Griffin Autotek went to Boomer Doucette for running 5.81 on a 5.86 dial. A Bounty Award was set in place to be given to the competitor that took out the #1 qualifier in each class. Doug Hoffman took out #1 qualifier Sue Cooper so he was awarded a Stanely FatMax impact socket set for doing so in the finals of Pro Comp. Jim Dunton would qualify #1 and win in Open Comp receiving the prize of a programmable tire inflator for his solid performance. The wives of the first 12 PTRA competitors on the grounds received a complimentary bottle of wine as a way of saying thank you for coming and Belmont Automotive put up money to knock $5 off the entrance fee’s.
drcPTRAJune09 278
Spread the word, PTRA and St.Thomas Raceway Park is the place to race!  June 30th is the next PTRA event where they will be awarding NHRA Wally’s in each class which includes a King of the Street class. You can bet the area’s fastest street cars will be biting at the chance to walk away with a genuine NHRA Wally! You won’t want to miss this race!
Posted by:  Mark Ackert