R2B2 Race Cars PRI Show Preview

R2B2 Race Cars, known for building safe, record-breaking race cars will be exhibiting once again at the Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI), December 12 thru December 14, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN….


Two chassis designs will be on display in their Booth #3359.  In additional to a Pro Mod Dual Frame Rail Chassis, R2B2 Race Cars will debut their new A-Cim2.7 Chassis design, a lighter, safer and stronger chassis design!  

“We wanted to make the best chassis design even better!  This took a lot of thought and planning because we only changed what we knew would Increase Performance and Improve Safety Dramatically,” said Jim Geese, Lead Designer and Chassis Shop Manager.

The new R2B2 Race Cars’ A-Cim2.7 Chassis, designed by Jim Geese and Don Carey, boasts the following performance gains:

• The bare chassis is 48 lbs. lighter than the Lightweight Dual Frame Rail Chassis

• Weight distribution design

• Torsional load technology

• Design makes accessing transmission easier

• The majority of the weight loss is to the right of center


In addition to increased performance, a driver’s safety is improved:

• Smaller cabin for increased strength and safety

• Cowl bar does not interrupt the windshield bar

• Windshield bar is one-piece from main hoop to the floor

• The main impact area is not a three-piece union at cowl bar

• True 6-point Funny Car cage

• Driver sits correctly and SFI legal within the Funny Car cage

• Crumple zone entire right hand side of car
• Crumple zone entire back of car

• Crumple zone entire front of car

• Crumple zone means less G-force impact on the driver because the chassis absorbs the majority of the impact

R2B2 Race Cars will also have a Pro Mod Dual Frame Rail Chrome Moly Lightweight Chassis set up for the Titanium Removable Body system on display.  This chassis style is built with the necessary hardware needed for the Titanium Removable Body system, making servicing the race car much easier.  Some of the parts installed on this chassis will be Santhuff Struts, Stiletto Rack and Pinion, lightweight steering column, titanium quick-slip design driveshaft enclosure, 11” Mark Williams Rear, Penske Pro Mod Shocks, Pro Mod adjustable 4-Link system, X-Link locator, titanium pedals, titanium handbrake, anti-roll system and much more.


Stop by this unique booth setup where you can compare both chassis designs.  You’ll be able to speak with the innovators of the new A-Cim2.7 Chassis design, Jim Geese and Don Carey.  They are eager to share the benefits of this new sleeker chassis design and answer your questions.

R2B2 Race Cars is also offering 15% off of ANY welded chassis and chassis kits if you place your order during the show.  That’s over $1,200 off of a Welded Dual Frame Rail Chassis and over $1,500 off of the new A-Cim2.7 Chassis, both on display at the show!  Take advantage of this trade show special and speak to one of the R2B2 Race Cars’ staff members at the booth to discuss your order.  Deposit is required by December 31, 2013.

In addition to the welded chassis, R2B2 Race Cars will have various racing parts, brackets, tabs, and kits on display.  Pick up a copy of their catalog or a copy of one of their predetermined car package sheets available for Pro Mod, Top Sportsman and Pro Stock builds.

R2B2 Race Cars will be at BOOTH #3359 or you can go to their website www.r2b2racecars.com for more information on chassis, kits and racing components.

To learn more — contact:

Jim Geese – jgeese@r2b2racecars.com

Toll Free  (855) 261-0485

Ph  (770) 277-0485