R2B2 Race Cars to  Market Drag Race Cars Worldwide

 The R2B2 empire has added another jewel to its crown with the creation of R2B2 Race Cars…..

Roger Burgess, owner of R2B2 Racing and R2B2 Motors, has teamed with Jim Geese, who recently owned Vanishing Point Race Cars, to build Pro Mod cars and other drag racing vehicles for sale to the worldwide market starting April 1st.

Raymond Commisso Firebird

“We’re so excited to have Jim and his people on board for this new venture,” Burgess said. “Having them here at our own chassis shop has allowed us to do things like build a turbo-specific chassis and test it under race conditions. This allows us to demonstrate a car’s performance before ever offering it for sale to other racers. Jim’s reputation for producing a quality race car is second-to-none and I can’t wait to see more of the incredible ca rs the shop will turn out.” 

Geese and his team haven’t eased into their new situation. Last year, Geese built the award-winning Pontiac Firebird driven by Raymond Commisso in the Get Screened America Pro Mod Drag Racing Series, as well as the 1953 Corvette Pro Mod Burgess currently is running in the NHRA. Commisso’s Firebird was voted “Best Engineered” by NHRA officials.

“Things are about as perfect here as they’ve ever been in my career,” Geese said. “Going to work for Roger is taking us to a level we could have never reached on our own.

“We came down here and literally walked into an empty building. We put a list together of the things we needed, gave it to Roger, and he’s come through 100 percent.”

Roger Burgess's turbocharged Corvette

The key personal from Vanishing Point — Don Carey, Trevor Carey, Bruce Pelly, and Ian Carey — relocated from Pennsylvania to get R2B2 Race Cars up and running.

“We’re bringing 25-plus years of experience to the table for Roger,” Geese said. “Our track record speaks for itself. Our cars have won championships and set records the world over. We’re proud of what we’ve done.”

Geese said teaming with Burgess under the R2B2 banner will give his group greater access to equipment and the ability to build more things in-house.

“We’ve been doing a lot of catch-up work as far as getting our computer systems integrated,” Geese said. “We’ve also added a lot titanium parts and kits that we will now be able to offer. Plus, I will get to be a lot more hands-on and help work on new ideas more than I have the past few years. It’s an exciting time.

“It’s literally like we unplugged up there, moved to Duluth, and plugged back in. Any kind of part people need on a Vanishing Point car, they can get here at R2B2. Everything we offered before, either online or in our catalog, is here. We can build and have experience building all kinds of racecars and can ship to anywhere in the world.”

Visit : www.R2B2Racing.com for more information.

Posted by: Rob Geiger

(Bruce Biegler Photos)