Read Keeps ANDRA TF Title Hopes Alive

Event Essentials:  ANDRA Nitro Champs – April 29-30 – May 1, 2011 — Sydney NSW Australia

By:  Bruce Biegler

A very timely win in Top Fuel by Phil Read has kept his ANDRA Top Fuel Championship title hopes alive…..Read moved into 2nd place in points with one race left on the 2010/11 season calendar when he topped the field during the Nitro Champs….Top Doorslammer powerhouse John Zappia prevailed again winning from the pole and setting both low ET and top speed driving his highly feared  Holden Monaro…. Zappia tamed the ultra cool new ’57 Saratoga driven by Peter Kapiris in the final……David Newcombe’s GTO defeated Lee Bektash’s Mopar in the Pro Stock final round…..other Pro winners included John Cannuli in Top Alcohol, Chris Matheson in Top Bike and Maurie Allen in Pro Stock Motorcycle….

Top Fuel Winner - Phil Read


ANDRA Series Name ET MPH  
Top Fuel        
Winner: Phil Read 4.900 291.82  
R/UP: Damien Harris 14.18   90.07  
Low ET: Phil Read 4.616    
Top Speed: Phil Read   305.01  
Bump Spot:   16.99    
Top Alcohol        
Winner: John Cannuli 5.733 251.81  
R/UP: Wayne Newby 10.62  79.20  
Low ET: John Cannuli 5.598    
Top Speed: John Cannuli   256.80  
Bump Spot:   9.345    
Top Doorslammer        
Winner: John Zappia 5.888 240.25  
R/UP: Peter Kapiris 5.922 245.27  
Low ET: John Zappia 5.833    
Top Speed: John Zappia   248.39  
Bump Spot:   6.288    
Top Bike        
Winner: Chris Matheson 7.616 202.27  
R/UP: Mick Murray 12.11  82.62  
Low ET: Chris Matheson 6.629    
Top Speed: Chris Matheson   202.27  
Bump Spot:   N/A   7 Bikes
Pro Stock Car        
Winner: David Newcombe 7.296 169.55  
R/UP: Lee Bektash 17.08  42.69  
Low ET: Nick Xerakias 7.078    
Top Speed: Nick Xerakias   194.19  
Bump Spot:   7.222    
Pro Stock Bike        
Winner: Maurice Allen 7.555 175.66  
R/UP: Bob Shaw 8.100 171.95  
Low ET: Bob Shaw 7.352    
Top Speed: Bob Shaw   179.21  
Bump Spot:   7.749    
Sportsman  Winners:        
Competiton Jason Maggs 6.655 207.27  
Supercharged Outlaws John Trinder 7.500 183.42  
Super Compact Po Tung 7.725 182.18  
Super Stock Jim Ioannidis 9.958 136.30  
Modified Tony Littlewood 8.707 153.02  
Super Sedan Darren Doeblien 9.935 135.05  
Super Street Carl Taylor 11.44 117.64  
Super Gas Colin Griffin 9.967 150.15  
Comp Bike Peter Everett 9.907 137.74  
Mod Bike Lorie Capogna 9.572 138.68  


John Zappia was dominate again in Top Doorslammer


Tony Kapiris placed runner-up in TD with his ultra cool '57 Saratoga


David Newcombe took his GTO to victory lane in Pro Stock

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