Rising Canadian Craftsman

By:  Bruce Biegler

Canada’s already reputed list of race car chassis builders has a new emerging member.  The work from Southern Ontario’s Andre Mailloux, who is based from Belle River, has been a hot topic within drag racing circles….

Andre first formed his company, Mailloux Chassis, back in 1997.   Since that time the initial “after hour’s hobby” has evolved into a full time occupation that has produced a number of very impressive drag racing vehicles for both Canada and the USA.  

Andre Maillioux (left) with Gus Mantas

“My specialty has been Sportsman-orientated race cars,” Andre confirmed.  “I’ve done Stock and Super Stockers, Pro Street vehicles and full tube chassis cars.  Arlen Vanke (a NHRA legend racer) was in fact one of my very first customers.  I did his Super Stock Barracuda that was a class winner at Indy a few years back and that got me some initial recognition.”

Since that time Andre’s list of customers have come from both sides of the border including names like Barrie Poole (Ontario) and Don Kennedy (Nevada).   During 2010, Mailloux Chassis might however have been best known for the stunning new SS/AH Barracuda production debuted by Gus Mantas (Toronto) and for Brent Foster’s spectacular Ford Fairlane Outlaw 10.5 car – both of which were featured on DragRaceCanada.com last season.

Andre’s current project list includes an all new Drag Pack Dodge Challenger for American Scott Justo as well as a ’62 Pontiac being certified for 7.50 for Shawn Dixon (from Ontario) which will be run within the OSCA circuit.  (See photos below).

Andre stakes his reputation on being flexible and very customer focused.

Brent Foster's Outlaw 10.5 (built by Mailloux Chassis) was a hot topic during 2010

“I try to assist whatever direction the racer wants to take,” Mailloux continued.  “My shop is fully equipped to do everything from fabrication to assembly.  Yes — we are a small shop — but the benefit from that is that we provide a very personal service.”

Mailloux admits that he does take his inspiration from some other race car builders – specifically Canadian’s FJ Smith and Joe VanOverbeek and America’s Mike Pustelny (MPR Race Cars).

“To start out properly I had to follow the leaders and those guys are the leaders,” added Andre.  “They have developed some of the best stuff out there.  All of that has helped me with developing my own ideas.”

For more information or to contact Andre visit: www.MaillouxChassis.com

Shawn Dixon's OSCA '62 Pontiac is currently under construction

This new Mailloux Chassis DragPak is for American Scott Justo