Racers never get tired of winning an IHRA Ironman maybe because there are so few chances to do so…..

Well, thanks to the R&L Racing Team (Henry Roffelsen & Chuck Lindsay) racers will once again get an additional opportunity to win one on the Civic Holiday Weekend  (August 3-5th) at Grand Bend Motorplex.

The R&L Racing “IROMAN CLASSIC” will feature an IHRA Ironman for every GBM race class competing on the Saturday of that weekend. (Top, Mod, Street, Bike, Junior 8-12,Junior 13-17 & Extreme 32 classes).

There will also be some bonus $$ as part of the Sunday program.

With the Civic Holiday weekend being in the prime of the Tourist season it is always well attended by both racers and spectators, and having the Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers and the Windsor Bracket series competitors joining us as well, it will make for a great action packed weekend.

R&L Racing are the Official Traction Sponsors of Grand Bend Motorplex.

With the cost of traction compound continually on the rise and GBM wanting to keep its reputation of providing our racers with a quality surface (which requires a lot of prep & compound) we went looking for some help. Thankfully Henry Roffelsen and Chuck Lindsay came to our rescue. “When you drive a low 7 second dragster you quickly learn to appreciate how great track prep and traction allow you to be a more consistent competitor, plus it provides added safety since the car stays stuck to the track” says Henry.

“We are extremely grateful to both Henry and Chuck” says GBM owner Paul Spriet “It is an extremely tough market out there right now, so keeping costs in line is critical. Having their support allows us to continue to provide the very best racing surface which benefits both racers and fans.”

Posted by:  Paul Spriet