Santos Motorsports Flies to 10.5 Tire Record!

Santos Motorsports, from Milton, Ontario had an impressive race weekend at the Canadian Street Car Nationals at Toronto Motorsports Park August 26-28…..

Team owner and driver Jay Santos decided to place veteran pro mod driver Mike Stawicki in the seat for this race where the smaller 10.5 tires would be under the fenders of the G-Force Race Cars built 69 Camaro.

Stawicki stated, “I’ve driven a lot of cars over my career but nothing ever with small tires and one of my MSR Performance built screw blown hemi’s. I told Jay that I would be more than happy to get in the seat and give it a shot.”

A shot Stawicki definitely gave it, as on the Friday test session on just his second run down the track he set the new Outlaw 10.5 quarter mile record at 6.07 seconds at 237 mph!

Jon Salemi from Resolution Racing Services said, “This is a testament to everyone’s hard work. My brother Jim from G-Force builds a great car, Mike build’s a solid engine that makes great horsepower and Jay Santos has put together a great team. He afforded Jim and I enough testing hits to learn about these tires and the new setup for this CSCN race. All in all it turned out to be a great experience.”

The team struggled through qualifying a bit and ended up qualifying in the second spot with a 6.27 @ 240 mph. First was Billy Glidden at a 6.25 @ 224 mph. Unfortunately the other cars in the field for this $10,000.00 race either succumbed to engine damage or crashed! So that placed Stawicki and Glidden in a best of 3 race series for the cash. Glidden took round 1 when Stawicki smoked the tires at the hit of the throttle. The second round was a great drag race as Glidden left on Stawicki and ran 6.20 only to get driven around by Stawicki’s 6.16 @ 237. This left the final round to decide who got to keep the cash money. Both drivers were a bit tardy of the line for the final but Glidden encountered traction problems and the Santos Motorsports team sped to the victory with another 6.16 @ 239 mph.

Santos Motorsports also thanks the hardest working crew in the sport. They have a “never give up” attitude and they showed that this CSCN weekend. They are led by Lazaro Teixeira (Tex), Jamie Bothelo, John Ulinskas and Irene Wu. Also a special thanks to Joe Zito from Stawicki Racing and Don Bailey of DCB Ent.

Santos Motorsports is supported by Brampton Pallet Inc, J&M Recycling, G-Force Race Cars inc., MSR Performance, Resolution Racing Services, LAT Racing Oil, and M/T Wheels and Tires.

Posted by: Jon Salemi

Photo by:  Dave Erauw