The Return of “Bogus Bob”

By;       Bruce Biegler

“Bogus Bob” Elliott, one of the most famous and versatile names in all of Canadian drag racing is back in the saddle.   The veteran racer who starred driving a number of Funny Cars (nitro, alcohol & jet powered) during his great career returned to action this year – driving something completely different.   Elliott is now behind the wheel of a rather spectacular new Pontiac Sunfire Super Stocker.

Bob made his debut with the new car this past spring.  It is a state-of-the-art machine that was built by John Holt (Columbus OH) and which features a 392 CID engine program by Larry Pritchett.  The car will be run as a SS/AM – the quickest of all Super Stock class sub categories.

Jory & Bob Elliott

 “I really liked what Victoria and Fred Smith were racing – so I wanted a similar Sunfire,” Bob revealed.  “I decided that if I was going to this, I wanted a quick car, and this certainly is that!    My best friend Vince Vanni (R.I.P.), who was my inspiration, found me this car and the rest is history.” 

 Elliott did however admit that his new car, while ultra-cool, is still sort of a “Plan B”.

 “To be honest we were looking for a long time at putting together another nitro car deal,” he continued.  “We chased that seriously for almost four years but the realities out there kept it from happening.  So my wife Gloria finally convinced me that I needed to get back out there and have some fun and race with my friends.  So my plan is to do that exactly and race at select events this season.”

 Bob is also very impressed with the technology of his new car.  “It’s really like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” he added.  “It’s tuning into a real cool learning experience.” 

Elliott revealed that his last ride down the quarter-mile before acquiring his new Super Stocker came during the 1997 NHRA U.S. Nationals when while driving for car owner John Rossiter.  He qualified #13 for what was then the quickest NHRA Funny Car program of all time. 

Bob Elliott drove the Northern Force fuel FC

Bob Elliott did confirm plans to drive the car himself for most of this season – however there will be a migration at season’s end to put his son Jory in the cockpit going forward. 

For Jory, that upcoming opportunity has some extra special meaning. 

“I was too young to be really involved with my Dad back when he was racing nitro,” Jory said.  “It’s really fun to have the opportunity to do it now.”

 Racing fans will be able to see the stunning looking car at select Can-Am Stock/Super Stock races all this season.   The Wingham, ON-based machine, which is rated at over 900 HP, is fully capable of mid 8.5 secs elapsed times.   

Bob Elliott's new Super Stocker

 (Bruce Biegler Photos)