Todd X2 @ G.B.M.!

Favourite Canadian drag racing son Todd Paton was a star attraction when he did some “double duty” driving during Grand Bend Motorplex’s “Stratford Spectacular” event…

In what was the end result of both an invitation and circumstance – the 2nd generation driver and son to Barry Paton wheeled two different drag racing cars on the same day at an event last weekend. Not only did he make runs in Doug Cadman’s spectacular “Chi-Town Hustler” nostalgia Funny Car but also in the Paton Racing Top Fuel dragster.


While the stint in Cadman’s machine was scheduled and promoted – the appearance in the Paton’s flagship dragster was circumstantial as they were substituted for a Jet Funny Car which could not make the event after a major crash the weekend before – also at Grand Bend Motorplex.

Paton’s 2nd assignment for Cadman’s Ontario-based car was pretty much a repeat of his first appearance in the car – a head to head best of three match race versus Gary Kraus’ equally cool “Pony Up” Mustang. The pair thrilled a big crowd over the weekend with three very even and close pairings during the action filled event, which is one of the most successful independent races held annually in all of Canada.

Todd also make a couple of runs during Saturday’s schedule in the Top Fuel dragster – the best being an impressive and show closing 4.80 secs at 301 mph late on Saturday nigh.

“It was a great weekend, running 6.04 in the Chi-Town Hustler and then coming right back up the return road with my dad in the golf cart and jumping into the dragster,” said Todd “Obviously there is a big difference in the way you drive each car, so I had to focus a little more than usual to make sure I drove each to the best of my abilities.”

“For the night run in the Top Fuel car I had to try to conserve as much fuel as possible because the fuel tank is designed for 1000’ tracks, and we were running a full quarter mile here.” he continued. ” I tried doing a shorter burnout and trimmed the fuel pumps back at idle — but it still ran out of fuel just before the finish line. Still, it was good enough to “coast” to a 4.80 @ 301 mph our best run ever at Grand Bend. I couldn’t be more proud of both teams — they were the people that made this unique opportunity possible for me.”


Todd also confirmed that the event process was not without some hurdles.

“As a matter of fact, we hurt the engine in the funny car Saturday night, and Doug and Julie Cadman drove back to Courtland Ontario to get some spare parts and then drove back to the track at about 3 AM Sunday morning,” he revealed. “The team replaced a couple of sleeves, some rods and pistons — so we were quite pleased to have a 6.09 secs come up on the board on Sunday’s run.”

“And the dragster team worked hard as well. With my tight travelling schedule, I didn’t even have time to do the warmups in the car, so Yvonne Potter (Rob Potter’s daughter & car chief Mark Morris’ girlfriend) did it for me. The only time I saw the car was when I got back to the staging lanes, where it was waiting for me. They had it perfectly prepared and tuned every time!”


Photos and Post by: Bruce Biegler

Editors Note: These Things Mean a Lot!

DragRaceCanada wants to take this opportunity to offer some very special thanks to Paton Racing for their show of support for our website.


Just like they did during the recent Canadian Nitro Nationals at Cayuga, Barry and his team ran one of our DragRaceCanada decals again very prominently on the side of their race car at Grand Bend. We have been, (probably further back then we can remember) a staunch supporter of the Paton Racing team and this kind gesture of support in return – is truly appreciated.  Thanks Barry!