A Canadian family tradition for drag racing Ford Mustangs has escalated to outer extremities….

Few will argue that the remarkable 1967 Ford Mustang campaigned by King City Ontario’s Frank Pompilio is not one of Canada’s all time coolest drag racing cars!

Since it’s initial debut back in 2007 – this Outlaw 10.5 classed car has seen a steady progression forward and that was cumulated during this past 2015 season by some terrific success.


Built originally by L.E. Chassis before receiving a series of upgrades from Gary Naughton Race Cars, this now Proline Racing Engines powered turbocharged car had some big moments last year. That included a pair of runner-up finishes – coming at Cayuga’s Canadian Nitro Nationals (where they qualified #1), and then at Norwalk’s marquee “Shakedown at the Summit” event (both to fellow Canadian Outlaw 10.5 racer Jerry Mitrovic).

Performance wise – the car was a record breaker too within drag racing’s elite 1/8 mile racing circuits. At Maryland’s infamous annual Yellow Bullet Nationals held over last Labour Day weekend, Frank’s car qualified #2 in the Outlaw 10.5 class and reset the MPH record for the class at 203.70 mph. Frank’s team then followed that up with an historic 3.999 secs ET during the PDRA’s World Finals event held in Virginia last October.

“At the end of 2013 season we re-evaluated our program and wanted to make that push to be up front,” Frank explained. “With the help of Eric Dillard and his Proline Racing team we made the switch to one of their 481x engine combinations. That made a huge difference after we got things sorted out in 2014. Last season our team is proud of the final round appearances at Norwalk’s Shakedown race (2nd year in a row – won event in 2014). Then becoming the first ever turbo car to run in the “3’s” was pretty special!  With that success we have set the bar a little higher to improve on what we’ve accomplished. In 2016 we plan on running the Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 series as well as the Canadian Outlaw 10.5 series.”

Frank Pompilio's ProLine Powered Outlaw 10.5 Mustang is a barrier breaker!

Since switching to ProLine racing power — Frank Pompilio’s Outlaw 10.5 Mustang has become a barrier breaker!

Frank’s team is a truly close knit family operation which includes his patriarch father Ernie, brother Angelo, and family relatives Danny Colavecchia and Steven Ferri.

“Drag racing has been in our family for a very long time,” Frank affirmed. “My father has been racing since he was a teenager – turning his 13 sec street car into a 10 sec race car — which was fast back in the late 70’s. I assumed driving responsibility at the age of 16 as Dad slowly put me through the ranks of going 10 secs all the way to 6’s in the 1/4 mile.”

Frank also revealed that drag racing is also in the DNA for his 3 kids (two sons & daughter) who despite their very young ages have shown great propensity for the sport too.

“We are very much a family team,” he added. “My dad and I are very privileged to have the family and wives we do that support us and understand the love we have for this sport and the time it takes. They are our biggest cheerleaders. When I look back now — I realize I was a very lucky 16-year old and I still am at 36 — to have the coolest dad on the planet.”


The Pompilio Family racing tradition included these earlier version Mustangs

The Pompilio Family racing tradition included these earlier version Mustangs

Frank Pompilio’s race team received valued support from its associate sponsors, Malfar Mechanical, Torbear Contracting, Mickey Thompson Tires, Racewires, Precision Turbo and Proline Race Engines.

Posted by: Bruce Biegler