From Sportsman to Pro, Fuel Blends For Every Budget….

VP Racing Fuels, known for Makin’ Power in all forms of motorsports, garners most of its headlines for fueling championships at the highest levels of racing. But VP’s diverse line of unleaded and leaded products includes many options for grass-roots racers, crate engines and others with limited budgets.

“While there are some very expensive fuels used in motorsports today, there are many applications that can compete effectively with more economical blends,” said Jim Kelly, VP’s Eastern Regional Manager-Race Fuels. “But regardless of what they’re spending on fuel, any racer wants the biggest bang for his buck, and that’s what VP delivers. Dollar for dollar, octane for octane, VP fuels make more power and torque – whether it’s for a 1200 Hp drag motor in national championship competitions or a crate engine running in weekly shows at the local track.”  vp_fuels_color_rgb_2x1.5

“Take VP’s C9 unleaded for example,” Kelly added. “It’s priced like standard 110 leaded and 100 octane unleaded fuels, is non-oxygenated and needs no special tuning. Yet it typically makes 4-5 ft. lbs. of torque and equivalent horsepower gains over the popular purple products used in low compression drag and oval track cars. One of our newest unleaded fuels, NCR, is making 4-5 ft. lbs. of power over the Sunoco 260 being used on dirt and asphalt.” In addition to C9 and NCR unleaded fuels, VP offers MS98 as a lower cost, lower octane leaded option for these applications.

“Beyond the short-term benefits of making more power and torque, any racer looking to minimize fuel expense should consider the whole picture,” Kelly continued. “If the quality of a cheaper fuel is inconsistent, the pennies you save could cost you an engine failure and even devastate a racing career. Will the cheaper fuel still keep your engine cool on the 50th lap with a mud-caked radiator on a hot August night? Consistency, quality and stability have been hallmarks of VP’s fuels for nearly 40 years. “

For more information about lower cost fuels that provide the power, top quality and consistency VP products are known for, visit VPRacingFuels.com or contact your nearest VP Regional Distribution Center listed at http://www.vpracingfuels.com/contactus.html.

Posted by:  Steve Scheidker

For More Information Contact :  Jim Kelly: 302-368-1500; jimkelly@vpracingfuels.com