VP Raises Bar with New Street Legal Fuels

101 and 102 Octane Ratings Set New Standards in the High Performance Market……

VP Racing Fuels has been a long-time leader in specialty fuels for racing and its VP100 unleaded blend (also marketed as StreetBlaze 100) established the benchmark for street legal performance fuels. However, VP’s two newest fuel blends promise to set new standards for street legal performance. “We’re excited to introduce our newest street legal unleaded fuels, ‘VP101’ and‘VP102’,” said Steve Scheidker, VP’s Director of Marketing. “Oxygenated with ethanol, both meet Arizona and California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements and with octane ratings of 101 and 102 (R+M/2) respectively, have the highest octane ratings of any street legal fuel on the market.” VP101 will be offered on a regular basis, while VP102 will be available by special order only.

“Those car drivers and motorcycle riders who liked VP100 will love the performance gains offered by these new fuels,” Scheidker added. “And those drivers who have stuck with pump gas until now will have even greater incentive to push the limits of their high performance ride. Both VP101 and VP102 will be available in select locations at the pump. And as VP’s recently announced retail branding program continues to grow, customers can expect to see wider distribution of both fuels at VP-branded convenience stores.”


VP101 and its VP102 counterpart are perfect for muscle cars, exotics, sport compacts, street rods, sportbikes, cruisers, i.e., any high performance vehicle requiring a high octane fuel for optimum performance.“Notably, more than 200 car models currently in production recommend using premium 93 octane fuel at a minimum, while in many areas the highest octane available is 91,” Scheidker continued. “Blending VP101with your local premium fuel can give you the desired octane number to at least meet the performance standards of your vehicle or go beyond to truly maximize its performance.”

In applications from 4-cylinders to 12-cylinders, or the latest generations of turbo- and supercharged engines, VP101 will deliver consistent optimum performance. It delivers increased horsepower and acceleration, better throttle response and a cleaner burn. In addition, in most venues, the formula for each fuel will not change from season to season, making it easier to optimize tuning.

In normally aspirated engines, VP101 allows for higher compression and more advanced timing while in turbocharged or supercharged applications, it allows an increase in boost without fear of detonation. NOS users can also leverage the fuel’s higher octane rating to step up to a more powerful nitrous oxide system.

VP101 is safe for use in cast-iron head engines with compression ratios up to 12:1 and aluminum heads up to 14:1 and reduces the fear of detonation in power enhanced vehicles. VP101 contains no metal compounds and will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. VP101 will replace VP100/StreetBlaze 100 for your street performance needs.

For more information, to order or to find the nearest location offering VP101 or VP102, contact the appropriate VP Regional Distribution Center, each of which is listed online atwww.vpracingfuels.com/contactus.html. Technical questions about VP101 and VP102 can be directed to VP Tech Support at 812-878-2025 or StreetLegalTech@vpracingfuels.com.

Posted by:  Steve Scheidker