ANDRA Website Reloads

Following a very unwelcome “hack job” to its official website (from freakin’ Turkey of all places!!) the Australian National Drag Racing Association has re-launched its all new website…

By:  Brenton Edwards (ANDRA Public Relations and Communications Manager)

A brand new ANDRA website is now on-line, complete with all the information to keep Drag Racing fans and racers up to date with resources to entertain, inform and educate visitors about the Quickest Motorsport in the world.    The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is the primary drag racing sanctioning body in Australia.  In excess of 3500 members are provided Drag Racing licensing & regulatory services via an online platform that communicates to thousands of enthusiasts on a daily basis.

Recently, KSO IT Consulting worked with the ANDRA PR & Communications Manager on a short deadline after the previous website was hacked (by a Turkish terrorist group).  The new site has many new exciting features and sections in a clean and easy to navigate format.  The website was re-built using Joomla, an award-winning content management system.

ANDRA has also begun a new exciting E-News service to work in with the new website, provided by MailChimp.  That will help provide a cleaner, faster and more informative communication platform for ANDRA members and fans base going forward.

To view the new ANDRA website and to register for ANDRA E-News go to: