Bridge Building at Cayuga?

Earlier this season many people within Eastern Canada’s drag racing scene were taken back by the rather unexpected announcement that the PMRA and it’s sister series’ (Quick 32 and PBSS) would “not” be racing at all at Cayuga Dragway – Toronto Motorsports Park this year….

That is still the situation however there has been some developments in recent times which may help to change the rather bleak landscape.

Plans for the feature racing program during Cayuga’s upcoming Canadian Nitro Nationals (July 11-13th) now again include; a Pro Modified eliminator.

Those particular event eliminations are not however PMRA sanctioned but instead will be a independent show which is being choreographed by highly reputed and respected Pro Mod racer Bruce Boland, a 3X PMRA circuit champion. With the move Bruce is in fact taking on a role of being a bit of a mediator and he is hopeful that can help pave a path to some resolution.

Racer and Ambassador - Bruce Boland

Racer and now Ambassador – Bruce Boland

“We are for sure going to have a Pro Mod race during Cayuga’s Nitro Nationals next month,” Bruce explained. “It will be a Outlaw open field with everyone welcome.”

“After a drivers meeting we had during the off-season I guess there was some misunderstanding,” he continued. “The PMRA and Toronto Motorsports Park got banging heads and the result was that the PMRA ended up in Cayuga’s penalty box. There are plans for an additional meeting soon — maybe that will help open up the lines of communication again.”

Bruce Boland admits that there certainly are issues at Cayuga Dragway that need to be addressed and which are the root cause of the problem. At the centre of the disagreement are conflicting opinions between the parties concerning track surface preparation and general facility condition.

“All of those concerns have been communicated to Uli Bieri at Toronto Motorsports Park,” he added. “The bottom line is that we really need to include Cayuga in our plans for not only the health of Pro Mod class racing but also for drag racing overall in Ontario. This dissension isn’t doing anyone any good.”

Bruce was very clear about the intention for his organizing the upcoming race at Cayuga in July – that being for it to a bit of an olive branch for both sides.

“This is for sure just a one-time deal,” he affirmed. “We have no plans to undermine the credibility of the PMRA. We are all grateful for what Bruce Mehlenbacher has done over the last 10 years to grow our sport. For sure if this race does go over well — I do not want tracks or other promoters contacting me trying to bypass the PMRA. This race is meant to be a gesture by the racers to show Cayuga we are still interested in racing at their track and making Uli happy.”

Boland also confirmed that any speculation that this event would help to re-establish the “Cayuga Only” Pro Mod series which used to be the case some decades ago would be misguided.

“We are going to do our best to make sure the race goes off well and hopefully that will lead back to business as usual with the PMRA and Cayuga Dragway again in 2015.” he concluded.

Posted by: Bruce Biegler