Our Maximum Music Mission!  

By:       Bruce Biegler

For the followers of DragRaceCanada over the past decade, this is old news.  Our passion for and alignment with extreme rock music is relatively well known…..

I learned a long time ago that a very high percentage of Motorsports fans also enjoy their music loud and hard knocking.  I of course include myself in that category.  Over time we have had a lot of fun exploiting that demographic through interest in and co-production with a number of bands from the outer extremities of our favorite genre; Industrial/Metal.

 This past 10-day period has been a particularly exciting time.  Yes, we did divert away from the motorsports and the drag racing arena, but that is just temporarily.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending two of the three Rammstein concert dates in Canada, at Toronto (Air Canada Center) and then again at Edmonton (Rexall Place). 

I do like my hard rock music on the outer edges.  I listen to a lot of it and I listen to it often – just ask my friends!   Of all the bands I have followed and admired over the years however, Germany-based Rammstein is; a cut above and in a class of their own.

Rammstein in action in Toronto!

I have followed Rammstein since their earliest emergence.   I have witnessed them in concert a number of times including some early and rather small venue club dates (The Docks — Toronto).   When they exited the North American music scene over a decade ago and chose to focus their touring everywhere else – they evolved into a truly worldwide phenomenon.       

When I caught word last fall that they would be doing their first show back on U.S. soil  after ten years at New York’s MSG (December 11th), I was quick to react.  To say that I witnessed a piece of rock history there and then would be an understatement.  It was an atmosphere like I have never seen before or since.  That fan community reaction at the New York show proved to be a catalyst leading directly up to Rammstein’s current 2011 North American tour.  That included the three Canadian dates plus six stops in select U.S. cities this time through, before they head to Mexico and South America.  

Rammstein front man Till Lindemann is both hilarious and electrifying!

 With opening act Combichrist (from Norway) setting first the mood, Rammstein quickly delivered and exceeded to all expectations for their loyal fan base.  Their ability to combine music that is sheer electrifying with such a highly polished stage presentation, is nothing short of riveting. 

For any true fans of hard rock music, this is text book superiority and essential listening and/or viewing.  They are the definition of rock epitome!

I have for many years’ photographed motorsports and drag racing all over the world.  While those assignments are always fun and demanding – this recent assignment to photograph Rammstein in action probably exceeded for me personally anything I have done previously. (PS: I love you –Nikon D3S!!)

Many thanks to Matthias & Birgit from Rammstein Management (Berlin) and also to Andrea at Live Nation Canada (Toronto), for their kind accommodation. 

Put simply — I feel privileged to be a fan of hard rock music during the Rammstein era!


I am very proud to present a photo gallery for Rammstein’s historic tour including  Canada:  HERE

Fans are also encouraged to visit the band’s all-new North American on-line store:  HERE

(Bruce Biegler Photos)

Fan Testimonials: 

We have received a few rather sincere reactionary notes regarding the Rammstein North American tour from racing fans:

(“….what a show!  I felt like a 15 year old seeing Alice Cooper for the first time!  I can see why Bruce travels long distances to see these guys as they are the ultimate professionals and have got their show down to an art.  I had to twist a friend’s arm to come – but I bet he thanked me ten times during and after the concert!  I told (Rebecca) that if I died without seeing another concert I would die a happy man having seen the show Friday night….”) : John M. — Edmonton 

(“….mind blowing—thrilling—wicked energy…) : Matt P.  San Francisco

(“They came…they kicked my ass…and then they left….I loved it!) : Victor J.  Toronto

(“…..nitromethane and Rammstein…..now that is power!….) :  James S.  Chicago