Eastern Heavy Hitters lined up to invade new Super Tour Championship!…..

Registrations for the new Canadian Bracket Super Tour are open since a couple of weeks and we can already notice that these events will host the highest level of Bracket Racing in Eastern Canada.

All four defending champions will be racing for the Super Pro title at the Super Tour Events in 2016. Luskville’s Derek Malcolm, Festidrag’s Dany D’Anjou and Napierville’s Marco Laframboise are already registered as members. 2015 Pont-Rouge Champion and NHRA Super Gaz standout, Marc-André Piché- Nadeau reached out to us last week and confirmed he was going to be part of the Super Tour this year.

2016-01-20 Super Tour

Newly crowned 2015 NHRA Division Super Gas champion, Tim Quintin will also take his shot at the Super Pro point’s championship this year.

Pro racers are also starting to register for this year’s Super Tour. Big names have already confirmed their presence. 2-time ICAR Champion Kevin Ouellette and last year’s Luskville Rookie of the Year Stephan Ballentyne who literally crushed his class in 2015 will be part of the Tour.

Eastern Quebec Piste d’accélération de Pont-Rouge is known for their high level of Footbrake racers. A couple of Quebec Heavy Hitters should be at the Super Tour Races this year.

Confirmations from 2015 Champion Martin Brideau, 2014 Champion Martin Lassieraye and 2013 Champion François Beland have been received. Last year Festidrag Champion and 3rd place finisher at Pont-Rouge, Christian Lambert should also be present with the Quebec guys.

First weekend will be held at ICAR Mirabel on May 28-29, 2016.

For more informations, visit the Super Tour website or follow the Canadian Bracket Super Tour on Facebook!

Racers may become members by registering on-line at:  www.DragRaceQuebec.com/supertour


Posted by:  Jerome Beaulieu