One of the fastest rising young drivers and most deep tradition race teams from Canada — are poised for the next level…..

Following his very rewarding first ever NHRA national event title at Concord’s Four Wide Nationals event in North Carolina last May — things have been percolating rather rapidly for Tyler Scott and Larry Dobbs’ Ontario-based “Kardiac Kids” TAFC contingent. 

Subsequent to that monumental team achievement, this deep-rooted Canadian team has completed a major upgrade to their racing venture.  With some significant help and commitment from primary sponsor Jay Johnston (President and 3rd generation owner of industry leading Harman HVS – Cambridge ON) — a new race car has been acquired and the team has since been busy while working that car (a former Jay Payne Chevy Camaro) to form.

Ontario’s tradition rich “Kardiac Kids” have a new TAFC toy to play with!

“I think our win at the Four Wides was eye opening for all of us,” said Tyler Scott (from Exeter ON).  “But at the same time we realized that we had done pretty much all we could have done with our existing car.  In this game you need 5.3 to 5.4 secs potential to win races — and that’s our new goal.”

Just prior to the win at Concord — a strategy was already in the works, courtesy of Jay Johnston.   Jay’s personal and hands on involvement with Larry’s team already had a deep history — but he really stepped up to the plate when he outright purchased this new Camaro (from then interim owner Leonard Cottrell).

“I actually had begun discussions with Leonard last fall about buying this car,” Jay revealed.  “But we didn’t complete the deal until April.  I feel like I am helping to move along some Canadian history (with Larry Dobbs) by getting this race team up to a higher level — with a car that I own.  We are making  a transition from old > new with the full intent of being a force to be reckoned within NHRA’s Lucas Oil Series TAFC class racing.”

The team has run the car already a few times and they are inspired by its initial performances which included some 5.5 secs ETs at both Joliet and Norwalk in recent times.   While they have initially installed their tried and true motor program into the new frame rails — a longer term vision may include a new engine configuration – possibly even one of those Australian-conceived Noonan motors (?)

This newer Tyler Scott driven car has already shown great potential with some 5.5 secs ET’s to it’s credit.

“Already this car (a McKinney chassis) is telling us it want’s more HP,” Jay added.  “So we are going to make some steps in that direction too.”

As the driver Tyler too reflected on the new injection of optimism for him personally and for the race team as a whole.

“This car already had a history of success when Jay Payne was racing it,” he added.  “It seems a lot easier and smoother to drive — I don’t have to be on the wheel as aggressively as I had to in the past.   I fit better in it — and the vision is better — simply it’s more comfortable to drive all around.”

The rest of 2019 will see the Harman HVS Camaro in frequent action.   They plan to diligently chase the NHRA’s North Central Lucas Oil championship points and they are entered for the marquee annual NHRA Chevrolet Performance US Nationals at Indy — over this Labour Day weekend.   If all goes well — the team is also sniffing at their very first trip out West later this season to possibly enter their Camaro for the NHRA national events at Las Vegas and Pomona in the fall.

Jay Johnston (shown with his daily duty C7!) has been an important partner to the Kardiac Kids racing team.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler 

For more information on Harman HVS (who are in their 81st year existence!) visit their website :  HERE