A New Pro Mod Gig for Billes

Highly reputed and talented Canadian Pro Mod tuner/racer Al Billes has switched his racing allegiance for 2011…..

The Barrie Ontario-based drag racing guru has announced a new association with Colorado’s Mike Knowles and his simply fantastic looking new “Blown Income” Camaro Pro Mod car.

Billes has made the switch following reorganization within Roger Burgess’s R2B2 Racing camp, a group he had been with full time the past two seasons.  He had been the crew chief for the car driven by Toronto’s Raymond Commisso during most of that time.

Billes’ debut with Mike Knowles has been a very positive one so far with back-to-back strong qualifying efforts during the NHRA GSA events at Gainesville and Las Vegas.

Mike Knowles & Al Billes are now aligned

“The program (at R2B2 Racing) has changed a lot from what it was initially laid out to be,” Billes said about his departure.  “Simply put — it just wasn’t a good fit for me anymore and Mike was looking for some help – so I made the move.  Mike’s team is a nice change and we are looking forward to some good things together.”

“At West Palm (during the pre-season) we were quick and consistent in testing,” Al added.  “At Gainesville we got bit – but I think that was just a result of some of the parts we had to piece together rather quickly.  We will get it all sorted out.”

While expectations are that the Knowles Camaro will significantly pick up its performance pace with Billes at the helm now – it can also be safely said that the car has already gathered much fan and media attention.

It’s truly fantastic paint scheme, which reportedly includes over one hundred “real” U.S. $100 bills embossed into it’s scheme – has been a buzz within the Pro Mod pits.  That effort also earned Mike’s team the overall “Best Appearing” car award during the recent NHRA Tire Kingdom Gatornationals at Gainesville.

Expectations are that Mike Knowles could be a serious PM player going forward

The new Can-Col racing association between Al Billes and Mike Knowles will surely be one for fans to watch closely from this point forward within the NHRA Get Screened America series this season.
Check out the embossed “real” $100 bills!

(Bruce Biegler Photos)