As a whole, Canada did pump out some impressive new entires during just past 2021 – but an Ontario-based C7 really stands out…..

We love innovation within motorsports and there is no argument that drag racing’s fast street genre is an epicentre for all that.

About mid last summer — Brent Stein (from Waubaushene ON) — completed a return to drag racing when he made some initial laps within the Canada Heads Up Series, driving a truly creative late model Corvette (2018 styling) which both oozes Canadian content as well as outside-the-box thinking.

Pretty much handcrafted by the brothers Ronnie and Kurwen (Partap) at their reputed Mississauga-based Chassis Stop Race Cars — Stein’s new Corvette is purpose built for and will target Outlaw 10.5 and Super Street class car racing.   

Brent Stein did grab a lot of attention during 2021 during a “calculated” debut of a finely crafted Canadian Corvette.

CSRC assembled the incredible creation Corvette – bumper to bumper – including not only the chassis build but also all aspects for the carbon fibre body and paint.   But what really draws immediate attention — is when the front clip is removed a very unexpected motor program is revealed.

This Corvette does not include a more mainstream BBC or SBC — instead it is powered by a  turbocharged in-line 6-cylinder – specifically a highly modified Nissan TB-48 — which is presently rated at 3000+ HP.

“This motor program has been the brainchild for Ronnie Partap for quite some time,” Brent Stein explained.  “The configuration is more common for racing in the middle east.  It is similar to a 2JC motor — but this is a one-off billet block with a billet cylinder head that is more cubic inches.”

“Wade Stevens of Maximum Performance built the engine and does all the Fuel Tech tuning,” added Brent. “We couldn’t run the operation without him. And Ryan Sammut wired the car and has been a tremendous resource to us as well.”

Initially and so far the team experimented using 46 lbs of boost but they have capacity to take it up it to 80 lbs boost eventually.

Brent Stein with Ronnie and Kurwen Partap.

“Running a C7 with a Nissan TB-48 — it’s most likely we are the only one on earth (?)” Brent surmised too.  “It really is about as unique drag racing can be – and we’re in that zone for sure.  It is rather interesting however — that in fact the very first generation Corvette (C1) back in 1954 — did have an in-line six cylinder.   So a bit of full circle – some 7 decades later!”

The engine selection is however not the first time that Ontario drag racing fans have seen that configuration.  Paul Brawan (from SplitFire Performance Brampton ON) experiments with something similar within his Super Street Datsun 280ZX.

The motor program is currently a one-off billet motor replication of a Nissan TB-48 — rated in excess of 3000 HP.

For the C7 — the initial to the track ventures were limited to just a couple appearances at Cayuga Dragway.  The best run netted being in the 4.8 secs zone (1/8th mile).

“We ran very calculated last year – there was really no rushing anything,” Brent continued.  “Our goal was everything we did was going to be a lead up for 2022.  It was all about taking baby steps and staying safe.  This car was all pretty new for me as a driver too.   It’s the first time I’ve ever had a “clutch car” and a hand shifted 4-speed.  There really is a lot going on to race a high HP — light weight car — in only 1/8th mile effectively.  We did mostly “short stuff” while I educated myself about staging it – and getting the boost up where it needed to be.  By year end I made some good progress getting comfortable.”

Brent Stein

2021 marked a comeback for Brent Stein who previously had been active within Ontario’s drag racing scene with a Chevy Vega which first debuted in 2002.  That Vega then became 8.8 secs capable while frequenting for a few seasons — OSCA circuit racing.  Brent then stepped back to focus on family and also to build on a very successful career within pension and financial planning (founded Unity Group Financial Corporation).  

Brent Stein’s initial fray into drag racing was in this cool Chevy Vega during the earlier 2000’s

“My chosen career outlet did provide me with the disposable income necessary to get back to drag racing,” he stated.  

And while the ongoing development of this C7 Corvette will most certainly be fun for drag racing fans to watch and monitor – there may also be more to this story as the future unfolds.   Brent Stein confirmed that plans are being made to further supplement his race team with another car addition — a (likely turbocharged?) ’69 Camaro Pro Modified machine – may very well be just over the horizon too!

Post and Photos by Bruce Biegler