ADRL Expands SuperCar Showdown Concept

ADRL’s New SuperCar Showdown To Offer Competition For Manufacturers Around The Globe…
After an overwhelming reception to the announcement of its new SuperCar Showdown, the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) has released details of the revolutionary category which distinguishes the class from all others in the sport. 

Although interpreted by some as a division that would include only the high-performance production models of traditional American manufacturers, the format of the ADRL SuperCar Showdown series will,  in fact, allow vehicles from virtually any automaker in the world.

The ADRL SuperCar Showdown will showcase the latest factory-produced,  dealership-available automobiles in all-out drag racing with no handicap starts or performance restrictions. While current offerings from the Ford Motor Company, the Chrysler Corporation and General  Motors will take center stage in the initial events, there are few limits to the variety of machines that are eligible to compete.

In the ADRL SuperCar Showdown series, the ADRL will utilize basic rules for safety, modification and construction. The ADRL will announce specific rules for the ADRL SuperCar Showdown in the coming weeks.

Late model factory Super Cars being primed for a high profile ride courtesy of the ADRL

Late model factory Super Cars are being primed for a high profile ride courtesy of the ADRL

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Posted by Josh Hachat