Australian Top Fuel Scene Grows in Strength

There is strengthening and an air of growing confidence within Top Fuel racing in Australia.   Coming next weekend is the second full 8-car field of the 2014 season set to compete at the Fuchs Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway on June 5-8….


Part of the reason for this growth has been the strong foundation racer association Top Fuel Australia has been setting for its member teams.

Top Fuel Australia has successfully sought funds for its members to ensure that teams from around the country can cover some of the basic costs involved with attending a drag racing event, such as transport or air fares for crew members – rain, hail or shine.
By lowering this first risk barrier, the result has been teams who are feeling more confident about travelling, knowing they have the security of meeting their costs under all circumstances, and an improving show for race fans around the country. In a statement on behalf of members, Top Fuel Australia says that the future is looking bright for competitor numbers.


“It is hoped that the Fuchs Winternationals will represent the first of many full and oversubscribed fields for Top Fuel in the future. The growing confidence among teams to attend events around the country is a win for everyone involved. Racers love having strong fields to compete against, venues love a full field to promote a great show and of course the fans get to witness nitro racing at strength.”
Another of Top Fuel Australia’s roles has been to build relationships with venues on behalf of members and this has seen a continuation of positive development with Willowbank Raceway and its hard working staff and board.

“A good working relationship with venues makes everything run smoothly for events and when the organisation goes smoothly the racing seems to benefit. Willowbank Raceway has always been known as a racer’s track and it is certainly living up to that reputation.”
The Fuchs Winternationals marks the eighth round of the ANDRA Top Fuel Championship, which then heads to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne to complete the season.

Posted by: Top Fuel Australia