Cayuga Dragway at Toronto Motorsports Park will be the sight of a most lucrative event this summer….



As part of the much anticipated new NHRA Northeast Division PC Open (June 17-19th), Montreal’s John Scotti and The Canadian Drag Racing Hall Of Fame will present a special and first Stock/Super Stock Shootout event.

This event will be the Biggest drag race for Stock/Super Stock racers to be held in Canada with a total Cash Purse of $20,000 (U.S. dollars)

This Stock/Super Stock Shootout is part of the NHRA Northeast Division PC National Open Series


The event schedule is as follows:

Fri. – June 17th: Test & Tune

Sat. – June 18th: Stock/Super Stock Shootout Race Day # 1 with a Total Cash Payout of $10,000. U.S. Dollars.

Sat. Night – Free BBQ for all Stock/Super Stock racers & crews only

Sun. – June 19th: Stock/Super Stock Shootout Race Day # 2 with a Total Cash

Payout of $10,000. U.S. Dollars

N.H.R.A. “Wally” presented to the winners of each race.

Racers can pre-register to participate.  You can do that by clicking:  HERE


 For more information contact – Bob Aubertin –