Alberta-based 1320 Events Production Ltd — Announces a New Big $$$ Race Series…..

1320 Events Production Ltd. is planning, coordinating and executing a multi-event Beaver’s Big Buck Race Series in Canada beginning in 2021.

A long time dream of seasoned index and bracket racer, long term contributor to DragRaceCanada and other drag race periodicals, Mike Ferstl is pleased to announce a vision of annual big $$$ races in the Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New York state, Michigan and Ohio corridor.

“Canadian bracket racers have been starved of large $$$$ drag racing in Canada. For many years, all of the Big Buck races have been south of the border. Canadian drag racers spend a considerable amount of change in the US with a weak Canadian dollar because a void exists in their own country. Yes, there is a sprinkling of races in the country. Bob and Gord Ebertz conduct their annual Top Eliminator Edmonton Big Bucks race and Arnie Malcolm and group run the Super Tour series in Quebec. Top Eliminator Edmonton and Super Tour have been successful in their own right, but Big $$ races are risky, with a considerable amount of work to plan and execute. Many other races especially in the Southern Ontario region have “crashed and burned” over the years and that in turn diminishes the trust amongst drag racers and track operators, states Ferstl. “We feel we have an abundance of best practices to run and turn Big $$$ races into successful events which Canadian drag racers will enjoy and return year after year.”

One of the first events announced in the Beaver’s Big Buck Race series will be run at the Grand Bend Motorplex in the resort town of Grand Bend, Ontario August 19-22, 2021. Grand Bend known as the “Sun, Sand and Fun Capital” of Ontario is a community located on the shores of Lake Huron in Southwestern Ontario and is often referred to as Florida North.

“What better place to hold a large drag race than a location located near the beach (about 5 minutes from the track) and home to hotels, Bn’B’s, and restaurants. The track holds 600 entries comfortably on 300 acres of real estate,” says Ferstl. “Paul Spriet and his team have done a great job modernizing the facility with a touch screen POS system at the back gate, groomed the facility for great racing and are a pleasure to work with. My steering committee and I anxiously look forward to running a successful event with Paul’s team.”

Mike Ferstl, a 30-year veteran of the corporate world in operations, human resources and franchising is extremely comfortable taking on large projects, presenting vision to senior management, setting lofty goals and expectations and providing excellent customer service.

“I have never been one to back down from those individuals who said it could not be done. Many a racer and track operator have stated they were leery to take on a large $$$ race because races in the past have failed and some miserably,” states Ferstl. “When I heard, “no” and “it couldn’t be done” it made me even more determined we could do it and do it well. The difference between the naysayers and those who believed were those individuals who were postive from the get-go and paid attention to all the finer details. In addition, you have to listen to the seasoned racers who have something to add to the success of your events. We have worked at this for 2 years and things are evolving and we are not where we want to be but when we open the gates at Grand Bend on August 19, 2021, racers will be in for a great weekend of experiences.”

1320 Event Productions Ltd. will conduct 2-3 races in 2021 and 5-6 races in 2022 all over Canada. Come join us and experience big $$$$ racing at it’s finest!

About the author:  Mike Ferstl has been around the sport of drag racing since the young age of 8. A 35 year seasoned veteran of index and bracket racing currently campaigning a Top Dragster in NHRA competition, bracket and big $$$ races, Mike has contributed to DragRaceCanada and Canadian drag racing periodicals for many years. Now, Senior Managing Partner at 1320 Event Productions Ltd. he aims to turn the Canadian drag racing scene for one step better for all bracket racers by listening and adapting Big $$$ races.

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DragRaceCanada file photos by Bruce Biegler & Stacee Richards