A Canadian propensity for cool and unique drag racing vehicles continues and that certainly includes Ford-brand racing fanatic Tom Reithmayer….


For sure – Tom Reithmayer’s ’71 Mustang – is one of the coolest Pro Mod cars campaigned out of Canada

Based from Sherwood Park Alberta, Reithmayer has for sure taken a rather unconventional route within the unforgiving Pro Modified class category.

Reithmayer’s 1971 Mustang style is a rarity within the class and since it’s first debut six seasons ago, he has remained diligent honing his craft while making steady progress.

“We starting off ET racing with it but I really didn’t like the dial in game,” revealed Reithmayer. “So we went Pro Mod class racing and we’ve kept evolving – a new chassis and various upgrades to go quicker and faster and we’ve ended up at this point.”

Tom’s machine features a supercharged Carol Carter built Ford Hemi engine – a motor program that is truly rare within the category. But that engine has shown a lot of potential producing in excess of 2400 HP on Les Davenport’s (Acceleration Enterprises) dyno.

“We do in fact use (billet) Ford power,” Tom affirmed. “Besides Glen May’s Pro Mod deal a few years back – I’m the only one from the West using that combination in Pro Mod as far as I know. I’m a Ford guy thru and thru and I really like the challenge of taking this technology into the unknown a bit. We do race rather strategically and we tend to take our time and sneak up on things. Most race fans don’t realize all that – but they are always impressed when they find out.”

Tom Reithmayer uses a rarely seen Ford motor program within his Pro Mod racing effort

Tom Reithmayer uses a rarely seen Ford motor program within his Pro Mod racing effort

Tom does treat his racing as a hobby. His race event appearances each season are mostly sporadic and focused within Western Canada running tracks in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

For more information visit Tom’s racing website:  www.tsrdragracing.com 

Post and Photos by: Bruce Biegler