Canadian Über-Challenger

“Remarkable” is the first word that comes to mind concerning Dennis Walker’s Ontario-based and rather ultimate Mopar drag racing project…..

After being shown to the public for the first time during the 2010 racing season Walker, (from Keswick) is in the midst of taking his 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 to a whole different level. 

Dennis Walker's Challenger SRT8 is anything but a show room model!

Dennis’s project first involved taking a brand new machine pretty much right off a Dodge dealer showroom floor.  Since then he has undertaken some very drastic and ongoing modifications to it with the ultimate intention for a show-stopping Outlaw Super Street 10.5 car.  Walker has already made some good strides with that goal in mind.

Dennis Walker

“This is actually the 500th limited edition SRT8 production car,” Walker explained.  “We got the car and began chopping it up.  Now this year it has an all new chassis and it’s fully tubbed.  Our target class is Outlaw 10.5 tire racing and to get it to run in the low 7-seconds zone.”

The engine program within the Walker machine is also – on the edge.  He has currently installed a new Indy race motor – a 426 CID Hemi that is outfitted with twin 76mm Precision turbochargers from Pro-Line.  He estimates that motor could produce some 2300 HP at 30 lbs boost.  Highly reputed turbo turning guru Steve Petty (R2B2 Racing and beyond) has been a consultant toWalker.

“Steve is helping us find the tune-up – he is the best of the best,” Dennis affirmed. 

Walker did reveal that he made some limited runs with this car during the 2010 season using a more conventional set up.  With nitrous oxide injection his Challenger did run as quick as 10.8 secs. 

“After last year we began this conversion and that took about 5 months,” he continued.  “It is now a totally different configuration.  In addition to the new motor program and chassis modifications we also beefed up the driveline.  We now have a Rossler transmission and a whole new rear end assembly.  Basically the car is now built to handle up to 4000 HP.”

The current turbocharged Hemi can produce in excess of 2000 HP

Walker is just the latest Canadian drag racer to jump on the both trendy and highly efficient turbo-charged racing program band wagon – a phenomena that continues to take the sport by storm.

“The turbo revolution is huge in drag racing,” he added.  “The way it makes power is really the only way to go.  I made the switch because quite simply – I wanted to go a lot faster.  I do have future plans to evolve to a single bigger turbocharger to get even more boost and power.” 

Just in case you are wondering Walker’s project is hardly for the financially weak out there.  Walker, who owns and operates a highly successful plumbing and heating company (WALKERS PLUMBING & HEATING) , confirmed that he already has in excess of $240,000 (!) invested. 


When fully dialed in — the Outlaw 10.5 Super Street Challenger could run in the low 7-seconds zone

 (Bruce Biegler Photos)