Some great prep and some great looks quickly come into focus for an impressive family orientated drag racing team from Saskatchewan…

Based from Saskatoon, Travis McBain and his 20-year old daughter Teryn are at the centre for a very impressive drag racing program within Western Canada’s Super Pro drag racing bracket.

Since 2006 Travis and Teryn have been racing together. Travis has been driving a very unique  1961 Sunbeam Alpine (one of only a very few in captivity!) which was self built. That very stunning looking car features a custom built chromoly chassis (7.50 certified) which houses too a rarely seen 429 CID stroked Ford Windsor engine rated at 800 HP.


The father and daughter team duo of Travis and Teryn McBain are popular racing fixtures within Western Canadian Super Pro class circuits.


After starting her drag racing career in Junior Dragsters (from 2006-2012) Teryn graduated to her first full size dragster during 2013. Now she races a 245 inch Neil & Parks chassied car which was back halved two years ago including the addition of a four link. That car is also Ford-powered — using another 800 HP 400 CID stroked Ford Windsor.

Regina-based engine experts ABS Competition, who are the builders of choice for many drag racers in this area of Canada, are responsible for both of the car’s motor programs.

The Ford brand is the motor program of choice for Saskatchewan's McBain Racing team

The Ford brand is the motor program of choice for Saskatchewan’s McBain Racing team

Needless to say the very family orientated drag racing program has been a bonding experience for the McBain family which also includes Teryn’s Mom Heather (who is crew chief) and her older brother Chris.

“It’s been very cool for us to race together – my hobby has changed into the family’s hobby,” said Travis McBain.

The team calls Saskatchewan International Raceway it’s home track and frequents that NHRA facility’s season long points series schedule.

“We have also travelled to Mission, BC, Medicine Hat, AB and elsewhere within the province — Estevan, SK and Yorktown, SK.” Travis revealed. “The biggest win for the Sunbeam would be the $5000 Big Buck Jackpot at SIR. For the Dragster it would be Teryn’s two Lucas Oil Series National Open wins at the Medicine Hat Drag Strip. She brought home two NHRA Wallys so far — in both 2014 and again in 2015. So far I don’t have a Wally — but I was very proud watching my daughter win them. Teryn and I also have an ongoing grudge match about who can cut the best light each race day and needless to say we always give it our all when we race each other head on!”

Travis and Teryn - head to head - at SIR!

Travis and Teryn go head to head – at SIR!

The race team’s very immaculate Sunbeam is for sure a centre of attention for roaming racing fans at drag strips.

“It’s a very popular car because it’s so different and fans tend to search it out in the pits,” Travis added. “Even though it has a very short wheelbase – the car handles great. It’s really pretty rare for it to not leave straight and it tends to never have any traction problems. The only time I’ve ever had issues is when I give it a shot of nitrous (from time to time). Then it tends to get a bit harder to handle.”

The Sunbeam’s quickest run to date has been 9.17 secs at just over 149 mph (using all motor only).

One of the nice appeals to McBain Racing team is the fact that both cars compliment one another with similar themes. Lazer Autobody (Lazer Bob) in Saskatoon gets the credit for maintaining that nice paint work.mcbain12 mcbain11

This determined race team is supported by a series of valued associate sponsors too that includes, Snooker Shack, JR & Co. Roofing Contractors, Lazer Autobody, ABS Competition, Axis Electric, Trinity Excavating, Phoenix Starter, and All’O’Matic Transmission.

Travis is a Mechanic and Manager at Wright Construction. Teryn is a student at the University of Saskatchewan where she is in academic pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Animal Bioscience. She is certainly busy — in addition to her drag racing ventures she currently works three part time jobs to help pay for school and her other hobby of horses.

The McBain’s (Runnin’ Wild) Racing team have also revealed a new and added dimension – coming for  2017. They have recently acquired from Quebec’s Angers Racing another dragster chassis which Travis plans to introduce in competition next season.

That is a 240 inch suspension equipped car from 2012 Diamond Race Cars. Travis will be dropping an even more powerful 1000 HP 572 CID Ford Big Block into that chassis.

“The plan is for the new dragster to be my Dad’s primary car,” added Teryn. “Since I started Super Pro I have always had a faster car than Dad, so his plan is for something quicker. I think he just wants to go faster than me for once (she laughed)!”

Coming in 2017!

Coming in 2017!

But race fans of the super cool Sunbeam should not fret — as that car too will continue to make some appearances albeit maybe not as often as in the past.

“There will be Vintage drags at SIR this year and the Sunbeam will be there for that — most likely with me behind the wheel,” she added. “The Sunbeam will see less racing time but will still remain a reliable back up car for both of us.”


Post and photos by Bruce Biegler