Ontario’s thriving Pro Mod racing scene is home province to a wide variety of class cars representing all brands. But possibly at the outer edge of all that is Cobourg’s Al Martorino‚Ķ..

For the past three seasons, the founder and owner of Xtreme Motorports has been within the provincial mix with a supercharged 2008 Ford Mustang.


Martorino, who is a self-admitted Ford brand affection-ado, first began his class trek within the Ontario-based HUDR and then the NDRA circuits, before racing exclusively within the PMRA circuit last year. That move did paid dividends for him as he ended his first season campaign over there with a 6th place finish in final 2014 series points.

Al’s very clean looking Mustang employes a rather conventional Pro Mod engine program, using a 526 CID BA motor.

“When we first started out we ran a small block Ford engine while we were sorting the car out,” Al confided. “Then in 2013 we went to the new billet block Hemi from Brad Anderson. So far the car has run in the low sixes at 225 mph.”

Martorino has been a long time proponent for drag racing Ford products. In fact his current Pro Mod Mustang was preceded by three other Ford drag racing vehicles.

“I’ve always loved the Mustang — and to be honest – I’ve always felt there are just far too many Camaros out there and I wanted to give the fans something different,” he added. “The reaction of fans to what we are doing has been great and fun. We’ve developed quite the base.”

Al and his crew (including Dave Archer and Chris Umbel) have campaigned their car all over Eastern Canada including a trip out to he Maritimes. His program is a self-funded 100% independent operation but it does receive valued associate backing from Archer Small Engines and Shelburne Fuels.

Al Martorino is carrying the torch for "Blue Oval" Pro Mod fans in Eastern Canada

Al Martorino is carrying the torch for “Blue Oval” Pro Mod fans in Eastern Canada

You can learn more about the Xtreme Motorsports team and business at: www.xtrememotorsportscobourg.com

Photos and Post by: Bruce Biegler