The long awaited re-instatement of Pro Mod class racing to IHRA has happened and that first event back featured an international winner….

Isaias Rojas, of San Juan, Puerto Rico, scored the first win of the Crower Pro Mod class after the popular division was part of the  IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals program – held at Bradenton Florida.


“I’m very happy. We loved IHRA for years. My dad ran in the IHRA Pro Mods back in 2000. Now I have the victory here. We struggled in the first round of qualifying. We went about six months without testing and we have never been to this track.”

Rojas and his Mech-Tech crew righted the ship and the 2006 Cobalt rocketed to No. 1 on the qualifying grid. Rojas met Dina Parise in the first round. Parise’s crew made a valiant effort to repair the car after suffering mechanical damage during qualifying. Rojas then went on to defeat Ken Fiscus in the semi-final in order to face Floridian Jimmy Keen in the final.

IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals (Eliminations Summary):

First round:

Isaias Rojas defeated Dina Parise (broke), 6.009 sec./231.24 mph to 22.077 sec./50.83 mph.
Kevin Fiscus defeated Ruben Tetsoshvili, 6.044 sec./237.09 mph to 8.022 sec./92.90 mph.
Jimmy Keen defeated Bill Lutz, 6.033 sec./234.00 mph to 10.433 sec./95.20 mph.
Fourth pair: Jerico Balduf, Chuck Mohn (both broke — byes).

Second round:

Rojas defeated Fiscus, 5.947 sec./236.15 mph to 5.968 sec./246.98 mph.
Keen – bye.


Rojas defeated Keen, 6.024 sec./231.30 mph to 6.986 sec./149.55 mph.


IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals (Final Qualifying Summary): 

1. Isaias Rojas (San Juan, Puerto Rico) 2006 Cobalt 5.968 sec./237.02 mph.
2. Jimmy Keen (Parrish, Florida) 1963 Corvette 5.993 sec./237.02 mph.
3. Chuck Mohn (Fountainville, Pennsylvania) 1969 Camaro 6.005 sec./229.53 mph.
4. Kevin Fiscus (Jacksonville, Florida) 2012 Mustang 6.035 sec./239.74 mph.
5. Ruben Tetsoshvili (Wesley Chapel, Florida) 6.120 sec./241.54 mph.
6. Jerico Balduf (New Smyrna Beach, Florida) 1941 Willys 6.206 sec./220.53 mph.
7. Bill Lutz (Canal Winchester, Ohio) Camaro 6.733 sec./185.22 mph.
8. Dina Parise (New Freedom, Pennsylvania) 2013 Cadillac 10.043 sec./78.73 mph.

Posted by:  John Bisci

Photos by: Chris Simmons