McCormick Comeback Continues

After writing off a long campaigned race car earlier in 2012 – Toronto-based Top Sportsman racer Joe McCormick is making a strong comeback this season…

McCormick who for many years had been a familiar runner at Southern Ontario drag strips racing a Ford Probe in various configurations lost that car during an early season event at Cayuga Dragway last spring.   After taking some time off to reflect on his racing future and plan his return – the planets seemed to align for him and the dividends soon emerged.

Joe McCormick

Joe McCormick

“2013 is for sure a bounce back year for me,” he admitted.  “I ran a Ford Probe for almost 22 years but had a bit of bad luck with last year.  We put a bit of extra nitrous in it to try to get into a TS field but the car didn’t quite like it.  It turned right and then left and that all ended up being the end of that car.  But in hindsight I think we had the Probe going a little faster then it was designed for (7.4 secs).”

“I then spent about 6 months looking for something to replace it when I got talking to Mark Martino,” Joe continued.  “He let me know about the Konigshofer Brothers Mustang which was up for sale and only two hours away.  I made contact and about a week later we went and picked it up.  That was really good timing and good luck.”

Since then McCormick has been hard at working giving the Jerry Haas-built  2008 Mustang a new life within Eastern Canada’s thriving Quick 32 Sportsman series.  That included the transfer and installation of his 565 CID engine program (built by Mike Janis) into the frame rails of the former Pro Stocker.  The team also employs nitrous oxide — but so far has used only one stage for about a 250 HP boost when needed.

“There is certainly a major difference driving this high tech new car compared to what I was used too,” Joe added.  “It seems like I am sitting only 3 inches off the ground and the vision is a lot more difficult.   But this car really drives nice and goes straight because of the longer wheelbase.  Our goal is to first make the car fast and consistent this year and then focus more on actual racing.”

He and his crewman/son Mark have been making very strong progress in the car with which they are targeting runs of 7.0 secs at 200 mph.   So far the car had dipped into the 7.2’s at 190+ mph — which holds well for the future.

Joe is dedicating his 2013 season to the memory of his former tuner and engine builder Mike Cunningham who unfortunately passed away during 2012.


Joe McCormick has made strong strides while giving the former Konigshofer Brothers Mustang a 2nd life.

Posting & Photos by:  Bruce Biegler