Motorsports proponent and car dealership magnate John Scotti continues his avid and special support of Canadian drag racing…..

The 2018 induction ceremonies for the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame were completed last weekend in Montreal.   Graciously hosted by John Scotti, this 4th annual version was held in a stylish fashion at the Sheraton Laval Hotel.

The 2018 list of inductees once again included a very comprehensive list of impactful people from within Canadian drag racing.   During the evening the hall recognized a broadband of influences, ranging from skilled and veteran drivers to tuners and engine builders, as well as motorsports industry and media members.  The evening’s highlight also included the CDRHF inducting it’s first ever female member.

Each new member to the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame was awarded a custom blue blazer (from Moores Clothing) and a spectacular custom edition ring (produced by Granduor).

The evening featured 175 guests who enjoyed a gourmet dinner and also entertainment provided by spectacular Montreal-based vocalist  Aldo Villani. 

Tribute was then paid to the newest members for the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

Bob Park (Racer)

Pete Fedun (Racer)

Jeff Veale (Racer)

Brian Browell (Racer)

Brian Philbrick (Racer)

Paul Noakes (Racer)

Chuck Nagy (Racer)

Yves Perigyny (Racer)

Frank Elliott (Racer)

Jeff Perley (Tuner/Crew Chief)

Les Davenport (Tuner / Engine Builder)

Edie Mountjoy (DRAW)

Peter McRitchie (Racer/Industry)

Bruce Biegler (Media/DragRaceCanada)

+ Posthumously 

Carl Rowland (Racer)

Gary Cunningham (Racer/Engine Builder)

Lucian Bergeron (Racer)

The 2018 Gala featured a very common denominator.  Everyone in attendance recognized the first class nature of the function and highly appreciated the efforts of John Scotti, CDRHF Director Bob Aubertain, and all of the event’s organizing staff.

John Scotti recognizes the outstanding skills of Ottawa native – Jeff Perley

“Good guy” Bob Park (from Dundas ON) – was one of a number of Canadian Super Stock racers that were inducted.

DRAW coordinator Edie Mountjoy made history as the first female inducted into the CDRHF

NHRA Comp class racer extraodonaire – Brian Browell — received much deserved career recognition

One of our single most favourite people within all of Canadian drag racing – Paul Noakes – is a 2018 CDRHF inductee!

Tuning and engine building “guru” Les Davenport came East from Alberta to receive his highly deserved induction into the hall.

John Scotti and former Sanair Dragway announcer Brian Mulligan coordinated guest registration.

A visit to just a part of John Scotti’s mind boggling car collection was a popular attraction both pre and post the CDRHF gala event.

Photos by Stacee Kenington-Richards, Rob Potter, Kevin Sproule and DragRaceCanada (files)

For more information on the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame link : HERE

Posted by Bruce Biegler